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H-1B case: Approved in 63 days (24 days less than average)
28 Oct 2013
29 Oct 2013
07 Nov 2013
Employee Employer relationship,: itinerary of services for the whole H1B requested period, Right of control acknowledgement from end client.
24 Dec 2013
30 Dec 2013
63 days
07 Nov 2013
30 Dec 2013

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Posted by nageshbabu
13 Nov 2013 #1
Hey Kvr313 Did you send the Documens for RFE ..My status shows Request for Evidence Response Review
Posted by kvr313
13 Nov 2013 #2
We have not yet replied for RFE.
Posted by Guru555
19 Nov 2013 #3
Hi kvr313.. When did you get to know about the RFE reason from the employer after seeing it on the USCIS website? I too got the automated email about the RFE on my case today. My future employer doesnt know about the reasons yet. So just curious to see how long will it take them to communicate to the employer about the reasons.

Please let me know.
Posted by kvr313
26 Nov 2013 #4
In case of premium processing, USCIS sends the RFE detailed document to attorney/employer immediately/asap.
Posted by i2010
26 Nov 2013 #5
No offence, but after reading the list of RFEs in your case you have received, I can judge the stupidity of your attorney and an employer.

1. Employee Employer relationship
2. Itinerary of services for the whole H1B requested period
3. Both parties signed offer letter
4. Right of control acknowledgement from end client

Buddy, I've seen majority of employers/attorneys sending these docs in the first place itself except item No 2. Item no 2 is an actual RFE I'de say. Everything else on this RFE is a result of blunder executed by your employer/attorney.
Posted by kvr313
26 Nov 2013 #6
Hey I2010, I would agree with you on No. 3, I am surprised how they have not included this in the initial package(Though they provided one with out my signature). For No 4, they got that from Vendor however client has refused providing initially.
Posted by i2010
26 Nov 2013 #7

Let me tell you this, if client refuse or doesn't has a policy to provide anything in writing for their third contractors who sought immigration benefit, there is a simple way. Tell your client that give you in writing a single line that "We do not provide anything in writing to confirm any of our contractors' employment/engagement with us" Signed by HR.
This also is called client letter, no matter what material is printed on it. I shared wit you a high value info today. Send me $5000. Lol....
Posted by kvr313
26 Nov 2013 #8
Thanks for the info, really make sense. Anyways, now I have managed to get the client letter for responding. Thanks.
Posted by kvr313
26 Nov 2013 #9
Hey Guru555,

I have re verified now, USCIS has sent the RFE document through FAX to the provided number along with the case. Also mentioned we can respond through fax as well. Hope this helps.

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