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H4 EAD case: Approved in 111 days (-11 days more than average)
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11 Jun 2015
11 Jun 2015
30 Sep 2015
111 days
22 Sep 2015
01 Oct 2015
Filed H1-H4 COS & EAD concurrent Both Approved on 09/30/2015

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Posted by Nands
01 Oct 2015 #1
Did you raise SR on EAD application?
Posted by SR12313
01 Oct 2015 #2
Yes, I had raised an SR on 09/11 as well as had a congressional enquiry with the senate.
Posted by VVas
01 Oct 2015 #3

About your congressional enquiry - did you ask your local congressman's office to call vermont and esclate your case?

When did they do that, and when did your case get approved.

Any details will help. Thanks.
Posted by santusn
01 Oct 2015 #4
Thanks, I requested the Senate to expedite my case on 09/15. I got a letter back from the Senate on 09/22 stating, they had put in an inquiry and my case was with an officer pending review.
Posted by Nands
01 Oct 2015 #5
what is the process to request for congressional inquiry?
Can you please explain.
Posted by santusn
01 Oct 2015 #6
Follow this link - http://www.immigration.com/media/ombudsman/contacting-members-congress-and-uscis-ombudsman-immigration-cases
Posted by Nands
01 Oct 2015 #7
I've raised SR on 9/9/2015 and USCIS completed SR on 9/18/2015 saying you should receive decision or notice of other action within 30 days.
So now should I contact congressman or senate? or wait for 30 days?
Posted by SR12313
01 Oct 2015 #8
I don't think there is any harm in contacting congressman.
Posted by Nands
01 Oct 2015 #9
Posted by June04
02 Oct 2015 #10
Congratulation for getting both approval together!! Can you please tell us in steps for submitting inquiry to congressman. I couldn't find inquiry section in above link you shared. Please could you guide us with steps.
Posted by Nands
02 Oct 2015 #11
First of all we should know who is our congressman or senator by zip code. Then you can visit their website and contact them. I found inquiry form on my local congressman 's website. I filled the form and printed as per the instructions mentioned in the congressman's website. As they don't accept emails I just mailed filled form with signature by mail.

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