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H4 EAD case: Approved in 133 days (-30 days more than average)
new application
14 Dec 2015
16 Dec 2015
16 Dec 2015
25 Apr 2016
133 days
17 Dec 2015
14 May 2016
H1 to H4 COS, paper notice received Dec21.

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Posted by mumbai007
17 Feb 2016 #1
Hey pdatta.

so i believe you filed both H1 to H4 COS + H4 EAD right? If so I would really appreciate if you can answer the below question as i am in a exact similar situation and little confused with what to provide on my application

For H4 EAD
copy of latest h4 797 (here do i skip this or provide latest 797 of spouse H1B rather than H4)
copy of latest i94 (again can this be from her approved 797 for H1B)

For H1 to H4 COS
did you submit any employment verification letter or pay stubs for spouse employment
Posted by SSH1B
01 Mar 2016 #2
Any udates on ur case?
Posted by warrdil
11 Mar 2016 #3
Any Updates?
Posted by pretwait
11 Mar 2016 #4
No- still pending.
Posted by cali4u
21 Mar 2016 #5
It has passed 90 days are you planning to contact USCIS?
Posted by yogi16
28 Mar 2016 #6
Any updates? Please notify if you received your EAD
Posted by warrdil
01 Apr 2016 #7
Any Updates?
Posted by cali4u
04 Apr 2016 #8
Any update on your case ? On average what is the processing time for H1B to H4 COS + H4 EAD.
Posted by warrdil
11 Apr 2016 #9
USCIS website says 2.5 months for COS. It looks like you can raise a SR.
Posted by vlongwait
20 Apr 2016 #10
Hi, any updates? Is your case still in 'received' status? In this tracker, for CSC cases filed since November, there are only 2 pending cases longer than yours and one of them has not updated in a long time. Your case is 3 weeks ahead of mine. That yours is not approved yet makes me lose hope on my job offer. USCIS is not accepting expedite requests for pending job offer. Not sure how others are able to get their cases moving.
Posted by rajasi84
25 Apr 2016 #11
Any updates to your case?
Posted by avkwf4
09 May 2016 #12
Any updates to your case? your application seems to be pending for close to 5 months now.
Posted by warrdil
11 May 2016 #13
Any Updates?

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