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H4 EAD case: Approved in 109 days (-8 days more than average)
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12 Feb 2016
16 Feb 2016
16 Feb 2016
31 May 2016
109 days
26 Apr 2016
01 Jun 2016
F1 to H4 COS + EAD application. On May 31, 2016, we approved your Form I-765, Application for Employment Authorization , Receipt Number WAC1690316***. We will mail your approval notice.

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Posted by mprecd
26 Apr 2016 #1
Hi could you please send me list of documents for F1 OPT -> H4 COS and H4 EAD and address where to send the application, I would really appreciate your help ! thanks and good luck.
Email: [email protected]
Posted by arinpatel
02 May 2016 #2
Hello mprecd: We used immigration lawyer services for filling COS + EAD. He filled and submitted the application on our behalf. Thanks and good luck!
Posted by akhilsakpal
05 May 2016 #3
Hi Arin, Are you planning to create an SR since your application has gone past the 75 day mark? Thanks

Posted by arinpatel
05 May 2016 #4
Hello akhilsakpal.
I called USCIS and they said I will not be able to open a SR since the case is in normal processing window. Currently the California Service Center is processing cases from Nov'15. I discussed this with my lawyer and he stated that when it comes to USCIS there is no order in which they process applications.
I have seen cases on the tracker which has been approved from Feb'16 time frame.
Just waiting and hoping to get the approval soon!
Posted by akhilsakpal
05 May 2016 #5
Hi Arin, thanks for replying. yes, I agree with you, USCIS processing seems very random, considering a few ppl have gotten approvals from Feb, even I saw those and i am hopeful. My wife's application is filed for March 9, and we are hoping it comes through by end of May. Keeping my fingers crossed. California seems to have a lot of apps, coz Vermont processing time is better with average of 2 months. Best of Luck man!
Posted by akhilsakpal
05 May 2016 #6
another question - what is the EAD expiration date, coz my wife's date is end of May and the OPT expiration is end of June. So i was wondering if there some way to extend the EAD till end of June when her OPT expires. Any ideas?
Posted by arinpatel
05 May 2016 #7
My wife's OPT EAD ends in July (first week). Not sure I understand when you say "some way to extend the EAD till end of June when her OPT expires"?
Are you referring to OPT I-20 end date? As far as I know one cannot get an EAD extension more than 12 months (for non STEM).

But I think you can request an expedite case with USCIS and cite the reason like "Severe Financial Losses". You will have to prove that if you don't get the H4 EAD before May end, your wife will no longer be able to work. I have seen some people on the tracker who were able to submit an expedite case (but most of them had job offer but were waiting for EAD). Might not hurt to try.

But again I am not a lawyer, I do not claim that my advise is definitive or comprehensive. Good Luck!
Posted by akhilsakpal
05 May 2016 #8
Hi Arin, Thanks for the information. That helps. And you are right in assuming that i was talking about OPT EAD, so her OPT EAD expires end of May but F1-OPT expires end of June. I dont know why the EAD was given for a month prior. And she doesn't fall under the STEM category.

I will talk to the attorneys to find out if an application can be submitted for expediting since she will be not be able to work after May till she receives her new H4 EAD. Hopefully that is something that can be done. Thanks again, and good luck to you too.
Posted by akhilsakpal
01 Jun 2016 #9
Hi Arin,

Firstly, Congratulations!! Finally, it has been approved. That does give me and I am sure a little hope to others. Can you tell me if you ever opened an SR with Uscis or did you just wait it out?
Posted by arinpatel
02 Jun 2016 #10
Thank You... Yeah... its been a long wait. I did open a SR on I-765 on May 16th and received response back on same day stating: "Your petition/application is still pending consideration. We regret that we are not able to give you a timeframe for when we will complete the review of your petition/application." After this, we just waited out. But I have been keep a close eye on all the open cases on this tracker and most of the cases similar ours are getting approved within 100 - 110 days (give and take).
All the best and hopefully you hear some good news soon as well!
Posted by akhilsakpal
02 Jun 2016 #11
Thanks for the update Arin. I hope we get some positive reply soon, but since it's only been 82 days for us, we have a long wait ahead of us.
Also, do you know how long does the card production and receiving take?
Posted by calilove
02 Jun 2016 #12
Could you please share the contact details of your lawyer. My email address is [email protected]
Appreciate for your help!
Posted by akhilsakpal
09 Jun 2016 #13
Hey Arin, Did you receive the card?
Posted by arinpatel
09 Jun 2016 #14
Yes. Received the EAD on 06/07.
Posted by akhilsakpal
09 Jun 2016 #15
Cool, thanks.
Posted by calilove
09 Jun 2016 #16
Could you please send a list of documents for your case. We have the similar situation and looking to file soon.

email address:[email protected]
Posted by queryh1
13 Jun 2016 #17

Can you please help me with the below query?

We have filed a H4 COS+EAD application for my wife based on my I140 on Mar 10th. As it is more than 90 days we raised a service request on I765 saying case was out of processing time.

Response from USCIS was "Your application is still pending consideration. We regret that we are not able to give you a timeframe for when we will complete the review of your application."

Also they added additional note with the reply stating "The approval of your Form I-765 is predicated on the approval of the principal beneficiary’s Form I-129. Therefore, the EAD Card will not be generated until the Form I-129 filed by the principal beneficiary is approved.".

Did you guys get a response like this? My I129 form is already approved and is valid till 2018, not sure why they added this additional info in the response. Do you think this would be a mistake on USCIS part or they normally send it to everyone?

Posted by anhan15
14 Jun 2016 #18
Hello Arin, I applied for a similar status change from F1 to H4 COS-EAD. My application is still pending. I was curious how they let you know of your approval - was it through mail, sms or a status update on their website? My status hasn't changed since the very beginning and I was beginning to get a little worried because its been more than 78 days. Thanks!
Posted by arinpatel
14 Jun 2016 #19
@queryh1 - Yes we did get a similar response. Honestly, nothing to worry about here. Your I 765 will have validity till your H1B is valid till. Good Luck
Posted by arinpatel
14 Jun 2016 #20
@anhan15 - I use to check the USCIS case tracker website almost 20 times a day :-)
The trend I have seen with the cases on this site, that the average processing time in case like ours (COS + EAD) is between 100 - 115 days. One thing I did for my peace of mind was look up the tracker and find cases which were received in similar time frame as mine and kept any eye on those. This will at least give you slight consolation and idea. Hope this helps. Good luck with everything.
Posted by anhan15
14 Jun 2016 #21
@arinpatel that's exactly what I'm doing actually. Thank you so your response!
Posted by queryh1
15 Jun 2016 #22
Thanks arinpatel

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