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H4 EAD case: Approved in 111 days (-10 days more than average)
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12 Feb 2016
16 Feb 2016
24 Feb 2016
02 Jun 2016
111 days
13 May 2016
02 Jun 2016
H1 to H4COS/H4 EAD concurrent

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Posted by arinpatel
24 May 2016 #1
Hello... Any updates on your case? My date is same as your buts its just COS from F1 to H4 + EAD. Thanks!
Posted by spdv
24 May 2016 #2
Hello, Few days back i had raised an SR and got a response - "Your application is still pending consideration. We regret that we are not able to give you a timeframe for when we will complete the review of your application.
". I will probably call in next week. Thanks
Posted by avkwf4
02 Jun 2016 #3
Hi spdv,

Congratulations on your approval. Did you create a SR or Expedite request? Was it created on I-765 or I-539? Did you receive an text or email on approval? Thanks
Posted by spdv
02 Jun 2016 #4
Thanks. I had raised an online SR on may 19th and got a response stating case is under consideration. I had called yesterday the helpline and got the same response saying that I-539 needs to be approved before I-765 can be looked at.
I had filed I-539 concurrent with I-765. The status was changed today as "Approve" for both applications.

Posted by avkwf4
02 Jun 2016 #5
So you did not create any request for I-539 ? I had created an online SR on 3rd May for which I got a response that they cannot give me a timeline. Created an expedite service request on 18th May as I have a pending job offer but still haven't heard anything. Both these requests are for I-765. Do you think I should create a request for I-539 ? I do not know how long the company will hold the offer. Thanks
Posted by spdv
02 Jun 2016 #6
I tried to raise an SR online for I-539 and got a response that the case is still under time limit. Their definition of processing time for I-539 is 4-6 months. They review I-765 application only after I-539 is approved. Since its applied concurrently, technically it should be adjudicated together.
Are you currently working?

Also when i was on the call with representative, she said you can not expedite I-539.
Posted by avkwf4
02 Jun 2016 #7
I was working when I submitted my application. I am without a job for the past 2 months. Hoping to get approval this week. Thanks a lot for letting me know the details of the process.
Posted by spdv
02 Jun 2016 #8
i am really sorry to hear that. hopefully approval will come this week.
Posted by ninishi
02 Jun 2016 #9
@avkwf4: If you have a job offer plus no job for the past 2 months, you can definitely qualify for the expedite process for I-765. Try calling the customer service and expedite.
Good luck
Posted by pthinkerzw
03 Jun 2016 #10
Congratulations! Have you got the EAD card?
Posted by spdv
03 Jun 2016 #11
@ pthinkerzw, no the case was just approved. May be in few days, i will recieve the card!
Posted by akhilsakpal
09 Jun 2016 #12
Hi, how long did the approval take after you submitted the docs for the expedited request?
Posted by spdv
09 Jun 2016 #13
@akhilsakpal there is expedite process for I-539 application. Even if you have applied concurrently, you have to wait for the approval. You can expedite the process only if its I-765 standalone application. Thanks
Posted by queryh1
13 Jun 2016 #14

Can you please help me with the below query?

We have filed a H4 COS+EAD application for my wife based on my I140 on Mar 10th. As it is more than 90 days we raised a service request on I765 saying case was out of processing time.

Response from USCIS was "Your application is still pending consideration. We regret that we are not able to give you a timeframe for when we will complete the review of your application."

Also they added additional note with the reply stating "The approval of your Form I-765 is predicated on the approval of the principal beneficiary’s Form I-129. Therefore, the EAD Card will not be generated until the Form I-129 filed by the principal beneficiary is approved.".

Did you guys get a response like this? My I129 form is already approved and is valid till 2018, not sure why they added this additional info in the response. Do you think this would be a mistake on USCIS part or they normally send it to everyone?


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