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H4 EAD case: Approved in 98 days (2 days less than average)
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22 Jun 2016
27 Jun 2016
28 Sep 2016
98 days
05 Jul 2016
28 Sep 2016

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Posted by dwaitstartzz
22 Jul 2016 #1
How long it took for you to get the email/text notification once the courier was received at the service center?
Posted by h1nh4extension
23 Jul 2016 #2
on june 30 i got email
Posted by akal2808
06 Sep 2016 #3
hi. are you thinking of raising SR?
Posted by h1nh4extension
07 Sep 2016 #4
i raised SR online yesterday i.e sep 6
Posted by hayobusa
07 Sep 2016 #5
Thanks did you call or online ?
Posted by nsmodi
07 Sep 2016 #6
How long one has to wait before once can raise SR, 75 days or 90 days?
Did you filed H4 COS + H$ EAD or just H4 EAD standalone application?
mine is H4 COS + H4 EAD & I filed around the same date as yours.
Posted by h1nh4extension
07 Sep 2016 #7
75 days n mine is standalone application
Posted by akal2808
07 Sep 2016 #8
did you get any reply for the SR?
Posted by h1nh4extension
08 Sep 2016 #9
shows it is assigned to an officer for response
Posted by akal2808
12 Sep 2016 #10
any updates? i havent got any reply for the SR i raised last week.
Posted by h1nh4extension
12 Sep 2016 #11
no reply...waiting ....
Posted by akal2808
21 Sep 2016 #12
hi. did you get any response towards the SR you raised?
Posted by h1nh4extension
21 Sep 2016 #13
it shows "onSeptember 15, 2016, your inquiry about the status of your Employment Authorization application, referral number SR***********, was completed".
Posted by h1nh4extension
21 Sep 2016 #14
whats the response for ur SR?
Posted by akal2808
21 Sep 2016 #15
i did not get any response. but when i checked uscis website, it said your case has been assigned to an officer on september 12, but today its says the same thing again but the date has been changed to september 20. i am thinking of raising second request today through phone. i think there is no response to online requests.
Posted by h1nh4extension
21 Sep 2016 #16
if we call they will say have to wait for 30 days to get a response for that SR..but give it a try and let me know...i also will try if u got any positive response
Posted by akal2808
21 Sep 2016 #17
yeah. you were right. they asked me to wait for 30 days. but i have seen people raising requests after 90 days have passed. is that possible?
Posted by akal2808
21 Sep 2016 #18
raised a request online and it said USCIS will review and process the request and expect the reply by october 3. this is insane.
Posted by akal2808
27 Sep 2016 #19
Hi. Any updates? I could see july approvals now. Havent received any reply for both the SR.
Posted by h1nh4extension
27 Sep 2016 #20
nope no update..yeah i also see july 15 also got approved..why only our's taking long...even i tried calling them they say same answer "have t wait for 30 days"...is there any other way that we can do..what we can do now...seriously this is frustating seeing case staus for every hour but nothing happens..
Posted by akal2808
02 Oct 2016 #21
Posted by h1nh4extension
19 Oct 2016 #22

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