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H4 EAD case: Approved in 69 days (34 days less than average)
29 Jul 2016
29 Jul 2016
02 Aug 2016
06 Oct 2016
06 Oct 2016
26 Oct 2016
69 days
08 Aug 2016
27 Oct 2016
Case status shows :New Card Is Being Produced. Case status updated on Saturday, Oct 22 as "We mailed your new card"

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Posted by erashutoshsuri
06 Oct 2016 #1
Congrats, did you get this update from USCIS site or from attorney. Also if it was USCIS did it get updated just now or in the morning.
Posted by sairamsaishyam
06 Oct 2016 #2
erashutoshsuri ...i just got an SMS stating "New card is being produced" and then i confirmed it on the USICS website
Posted by kasa12
10 Oct 2016 #3
How long did it take to receive the card after that status change. I am also in same boat and my employer is waiting on card.
Posted by sairamsaishyam
10 Oct 2016 #4
kasa12... i haven't received the card yet......am waiting
Posted by kasa12
10 Oct 2016 #5
Is status still the same 'New card is being produced' ?
Posted by sairamsaishyam
10 Oct 2016 #6
kasa12...it is showing " Case was Approved"...... how about yours?
Posted by kasa12
10 Oct 2016 #7
my case status was changed to 'New card is being produced' on Saturday morning and it is still the same.
Posted by kasa12
11 Oct 2016 #8
Today my status changed to "Case was Approved", @sairamsaishyam - any update on your case ?
Posted by sairamsaishyam
11 Oct 2016 #9
kasa congratulations , no further updates on my case, i guess we just wait for the receipt and card now...
Posted by mepingme
12 Oct 2016 #10
my case is stuck in name was updated. I submitted on 25 july :-(
Posted by sairamsaishyam
12 Oct 2016 #11
mepingme ... i got my approval on Oct 6
Posted by Inffebpd
12 Oct 2016 #12
Did you receive the card?
Posted by mepingme
13 Oct 2016 #13
kasa got it pretty quick :)
Posted by mepingme
13 Oct 2016 #14
i am still waiting .....

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