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H4 EAD case: Approved in 104 days (-1 days more than average)
new application
16 Mar 2017
17 Mar 2017
22 Mar 2017
31 May 2017
Asked to send photographs
01 Jun 2017
28 Jun 2017
29 Jun 2017
06 Jul 2017
104 days
17 Aug 2017
03 Apr 2017
17 Aug 2017
june 5 status - response to RFE received June 22 status - correspondence received and we are reviewing June 29 status - card ordered July 3rd card mailed

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Posted by Varumavaratha
13 May 2017 #1
hi ,
Did u get any update ??
Posted by FL146842
15 May 2017 #2
not yet, its days completed.
Posted by VVH4EAD
16 May 2017 #3
No update on my case
I see march 1 st week cases getting approved
A 20th march cos and ead approved ,mine 17th march and no update yet.

I have not seen any case getting approved so far between 12th march -mon to 17th march -fri
Posted by H4EADluck1
17 May 2017 #4
Mine is 8th n still no luck
Posted by sirishatanneru
19 May 2017 #5
H4EADluck1 I think yours will be approved by this weekend. Mine is also on march 17th. Does anyone has an idea that can we work without payroll. Until we get the approval
Posted by Varumavaratha
19 May 2017 #6
I don't think you are eligible to work unless the card is approved.
Posted by VS1512
30 May 2017 #7
any update.? Mine is 3/10 and still no approval
Posted by VVH4EAD
30 May 2017 #8
I received RFE
Posted by VS1512
30 May 2017 #9
Sorry to hear that @vv2017. What was the reason?

Its strange that you filed out some of us but got a review before ua.
Posted by thinkb4umail
08 Jun 2017 #10
vv2017, that is really unfortunate. What was the reason for RFE?
Posted by arnavmote
11 Jun 2017 #11
@vv2017 Can we FedEx the RFE or should we need to use enclosed envelope(which has To Address of Nebraska center) to reply for RFE.Mine is photgragphs
Posted by VVH4EAD
12 Jun 2017 #12
Good question
Go to usps and do a overnight don't forget to ask for signature evidence
It's s small checkbox in the form

Post delivery you get the PDF uploaded with tracking number
With usci my personal experience is don't do fedex
I knew that I will get a photo RFE but still I went post my appointment in april and had fedex my photo with the notice of action and later
My photos were not accepted
The photos asked via RFE again And i sent last week
My status on June 5 th is evidence to RFE you sent are received .so with in 48 hrs my status changed
You can also called usci and they have some thing call status inquiry with call back inquiry
The customer care created a request and took my number
Same night 8 pm pst I got call from usci personnel calling back saying that please check the status we received your evidence

I m simply waiting for card is ordered status now ....it's a week passed let's see
Posted by arnavmote
12 Jun 2017 #13
@vv201 Today I did through UPS but with Certified Mail. we have tracking number .It will reach in 3-4 days.Hpefully things will go fine.Good luck to you
Posted by VVH4EAD
13 Jun 2017 #14
Thing is this certified email will take 4-5 days
You could have got same certified mail with overnight with few extra bucks
Posted by arnavmote
13 Jun 2017 #15
I am no aware about that....the store guy(easy mail did not update me either...Heaid it will reach in 3-4 days) Hopefiully each the y Friday...
Bucks was never an issue....else I would have o through Fedex...Lets hope for good things..
Posted by arnavmote
13 Jun 2017 #16
I am not aware about that....the store guy(easy mail did not update me either...He said it will reach in 3-4 days) Hopefully each the y Friday...
Bucks was never an issue....else I would have o through FedEx...Lets hope for good things..
Posted by arnavmote
16 Jun 2017 #17
@v2017 any update on your stats ?
Posted by VVH4EAD
16 Jun 2017 #18
Nothing yet @arnavmote
Posted by sen1
21 Jun 2017 #19
can you pls let us know why is the RFE for photo? is the photo not sent previously? I am still waiting for EAD too so want to rule out RFE for photo
Posted by arnavmote
21 Jun 2017 #20
@vv2017 I have sent the same photo when I sent first time.It was mistake from me, I thought the photos was pretty good.Now status changed to "Response To USCIS' Request For Evidence Was Received"
Posted by mittalvar
25 Jun 2017 #21
hi VV2017 can u please tell is ur case F1 opt to H4 EAD conversion. Please let me know
Posted by arnavmote
28 Jun 2017 #22
@vv2017 Any update on your status ? Goodluck!!!!
Posted by VVH4EAD
01 Jul 2017 #23
Card is ordered on June 29
Posted by Chinka
01 Jul 2017 #24
Congratulations vv2017!is your COS? Is your priority date for COS and H4- EAD the same?
Posted by VVH4EAD
02 Jul 2017 #25
Cos approved may 26
Posted by VVH4EAD
02 Jul 2017 #26
It was L1 to H4 cos
Posted by arnavmote
03 Jul 2017 #27
@v2017 Congratulations, Finally wait s over !!!!!!
Posted by Chinka
03 Jul 2017 #28
Hi, vv2017. The receipt number you mentioned is for COS receipt or H4 EAD receipt?
Posted by Chinka
05 Jul 2017 #29
Hi, vv2017 can you please share COS priority date and receipt number masking last 3 digits?
Posted by Sushantcts
18 Aug 2017 #30

Does someone's H4 EAD get approved without H4 approval. Mine h4 and h4 ead both are still pending, H4 is pending for 5 months and H4 EAD 120 days +,
When I raise SR for H4 EAD they are reply it is under processing or processing for March cases still, nowhere they mention it is delaying due to H4 approval.

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