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H4 EAD case: Approved in 125 days (-27 days more than average)
22 Jun 2017
23 Jun 2017
25 Oct 2017
125 days
27 Jun 2017
25 Oct 2017
The status changed to card being produced. After 2 Sr's, last week I opened an expedited request which was denied yesterday .however the case moved on today. I hope it gets better for everyone waiting

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Posted by JHVHI
06 Sep 2017 #1
Raised SR.
Posted by kpsha
07 Sep 2017 #2
Good luck on it . Could you please let me know, if they asked for supportive document and what document did you submitted. Mine is submitted on 27 June will do the same
Posted by JHVHI
08 Sep 2017 #3
Thank you. I have raised an SR as it crossed 75 days. So that does not require any documentation. They require documentation only when you want to expedite. The expedite criteria is on the Isis website. Also just a tip..when you raise an SR, do not ask for case out of normal processing times, ask for opening it as it passed 75 days..if you open it under processing times, I think they reject it as the processing time frame is April 2017 .I have observed that people get confused.good luck with yours!
Posted by tisha
11 Sep 2017 #4
Hi, So I am aware of this link https://egov.uscis.gov/e-Request/Intro.do to raise a SR, which is when the case is outside the normal processing times. As you mentioned above not to use this category, can you please point me to the link from where you raised the SR (pending for more than 75 days). Or did you call them to raise the SR? I did try calling them but I never reach the customer representatives. Can you give me the details about the process you followed to raise the SR.
Posted by kpsha
11 Sep 2017 #5
Thank you Jhavi. I raised Expedite request though as I need this ASAP.
Tisha you need to call national number that you can get it on USCIS and ask the USCIS agent to raise SR based on pending for more than 75 days.
Posted by JHVHI
11 Sep 2017 #6
Tisha , yes -please refer to the below link -

Posted by JHVHI
11 Sep 2017 #7
@kpsha - I am at a risk of loosing my job and i need ead asasp but at the same time uscis will not entertain unless we meet their crietria . Well , we will meet their crietieria going forward if I loose my job but at the moment I cant produce evidence . Your case may be different from mine. Can I ask on what basis did you open up an expedite request . If this is something you cannot type in here , I understand . Thank you!
Posted by kpsha
11 Sep 2017 #8
I opened Expedite request based on financial loss to me and company as If I don't receive the EAD, I will loose my job also my company spent money on some conference, training and being only SME it will be a big loss to the company.
Posted by JHVHI
20 Sep 2017 #9
thanks for your response.
Posted by Nav28
28 Sep 2017 #10
@JHVHI: Did you had any response to your SR's?
Posted by Nav28
28 Sep 2017 #11
@JHVHI: Even my receipt date is same and with the same series EAC17901325**. Any information can help
Posted by JHVHI
28 Sep 2017 #12
@Nav28 -I havent anything back. I have opened another SR today . Hoping to see an update. Mine is after yours -EAC17901326** . I see some cases getting approved after EAC1790132610 10 days ago - Not sure how they process the cases.
Posted by Nav28
29 Sep 2017 #13
@JHVHI: I haven't heard back anything as of today....Will update this thread if I get to hear anything on my SR's. Not sure how they are processing the cases....looks like they don't follow any order
Posted by Ankashoo
05 Oct 2017 #14
Hi @JHVHI and @Nav28, did you get approvals ??
Posted by JHVHI
05 Oct 2017 #15
Still in the same boat. Hoping to see something everyday .will update this thread.
Posted by Nav28
05 Oct 2017 #16
No approval yet. Hoping to see
Posted by Saibaba23
11 Oct 2017 #17
Any update? I see on one of your post that you got a response to expect response by Oct 10th
Posted by Nav28
11 Oct 2017 #18
No update. Uscis representative said they have sent response to my SR but I haven’t received anything yet. I would assume that would be a generic response to wait either 30 or 60 days.
I gave up all my hopes now and just waiting with no expectations. :(
Posted by JHVHI
11 Oct 2017 #19
I received a response for my 2nd sr saying I will receive a decision within 69 days...funny isn't It? At this point I decided to just wait
Posted by JHVHI
11 Oct 2017 #20
60 days
Posted by kpsha
12 Oct 2017 #21
Mine is pending due to security checks so no idea how much time they gonna take
Posted by JHVHI
12 Oct 2017 #22
Sorry about that.all we can do is wait. Good luck to you.
Posted by RKSH
13 Oct 2017 #23
Did anyone try infopass appointment ? Does it work ?
Posted by Aishuead
20 Oct 2017 #24
Hi, try to call USCIS customer service. I did the same with in 2weeks I got my EAD. Please check the below instruction for more details https://immigrationvoice.org/wiki/index.php/How_to_open_a_SR
Posted by kpsha
26 Oct 2017 #25
Congratulations. I am happy for you. I hope mine gets resolved too
Posted by JHVHI
26 Oct 2017 #26
Thank you. I am so sorry for your long wait. Not sure you have considered tour local congressman.If not, may be you should. Good luck on that.

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