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H4 EAD case: Approved in 100 days (3 days less than average)
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17 Apr 2017
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L1 to H4 COS and H4 EAD | 7/26/17 - Case status "New Card Is Being Produced" | 7/31/17 - Case status "Card Was Mailed To Me" | 8/03/17 - Received card in mail box |

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Posted by Chinka
11 Jul 2017 #1
Hi, did you get any update? I have the same processing time like yours COS from H1-H4 and H4 EAD.
Posted by Wilkes14
11 Jul 2017 #2
@Chinka, I have no updates till now.
Posted by cybersurfer411
14 Jul 2017 #3

Is your spouse on H1 and you have put in the request to move from L1 to H4/EAD? And is this concurrent filing with your spouses H1 extension? Thank you.
Posted by Wilkes14
14 Jul 2017 #4
My spouse had applied for H1 extension on Dec 2016 and it got approved in June. I had applied for H4 COS from L1 on March 2017. Then my employer filed for H4 EAD on April. So it was not concurrent filing.
Posted by cybersurfer411
14 Jul 2017 #5
Thank you for the info. I am on L1 and would like to concurrently file h4ead cos & EAD along with my spouses H1 renewal. I am not sure how long it would take or if there will be a gap between H4EAD approval & EAD. Any idea what happens in this case & how long it will take? Thank you.
Posted by Chinka
17 Jul 2017 #6
Hello Wilkes14, My case is similar to yours except mine is from h1, dates are also same, COS in March and EAD in April. Please post out details when you have an update to your case.
Posted by Chinka
17 Jul 2017 #7
Hi cybersurfer411, COS is painfully long waiting time especially Vermont. Lot of smart individuals went and did visa stamping to H4 and then applied for EAD after returning to USA. This was EAD are given in most cases with in 75-90 days. Otherwise it is a long indefinite wait. You need to have EAD card in hand before you can accept paychecks. So plan for gap in employment is not timed correctly.
Posted by Wilkes14
17 Jul 2017 #8
@cybersurfer - I would say it really depends on your case. You are on L1 now, if you go for Visa stamping for H4, then you will not be able to continue working in L1. So if you want to start H4 processing now, then COS would work for you. In my case, my employer pushed me to apply for H4 COS so that they can apply for EAD and asked me to continue working till L1 expires. (which expired last months and I am in painful waiting now)
Regarding timelines, it is pure luck. When my spouse applied for H1 Extn in Dec 2016, Vermont had huge delays in H1 processing. So he filed H1X in Nebraska. But in three months it turned upside down, people applied in Vermont after him got approval first. My point is that nobody can predict what would be rate of processing after two-three months.

Posted by Wilkes14
17 Jul 2017 #9
@Chinka - Yes, will post the once I have an update. Please do let me know once you have an update as well. By the way, do you know is there is a tracker in Trackitt that keeps track of COS applications. If no, Can we create one? Right now, there is no way to know the latest processing on COS applications.
Posted by Chinka
17 Jul 2017 #10
No there is none and it is so annoying to keep asking that question over over again. I think this tracker is mostly for renewal and stand alone h4 EAD....
Posted by Chinka
17 Jul 2017 #11
don't know how to start new tracker..but when it is up..i will add my details to it.
Posted by cybersurfer411
17 Jul 2017 #12
Thank you guys. I am really in 2 minds about applying for the H4-EAD. My current L1 is valid for atleast another year and a half but it does not provide the freedom of the EAD. Has anyone filed H4/EAD concurrently with the spouses H1 extension? Does it take indefinitely long in this case as well? I thought concurrent filing with H1 extn filing is faster? thanks all.
Posted by Wilkes14
18 Jul 2017 #13
@cybersurfer411, if you can refer the H1B tracker, there are many instances where the H1 Extension + H4 + H4 EAD is filed and approved concurrently. But that all depends on the officer handling the case. All the very best!!!
Posted by Wilkes14
18 Jul 2017 #14
@Chinka - Someone has EAD approved today, but it does not see to be COS + EAD case? Do you know?
Posted by cybersurfer411
18 Jul 2017 #15
Yes, I am trying to locate similar cases on other forums too. Thanks guys. please post updates.
Posted by Chinka
20 Jul 2017 #16
Hi, Wilkes14, where did you see your status update?
Mine uscis website sais completed and response is sent. nothing else.
Posted by Wilkes14
20 Jul 2017 #17
@Chinka, I received an email today with this comments.
Yes, USCIS website only says SR completed and response is sent.
Posted by Chinka
20 Jul 2017 #18
mine says exactly like below :

On July 20, 2017, your inquiry about the status of your Employment Authorization application, referral number SR118XXXXXX, was completed.

On July 20, 2017, we sent a response to your inquiry about the status of your Employment Authorization application, referral number SR118XXXXXXVSC.
Posted by Chinka
20 Jul 2017 #19
ok thank you. i did not receive email. May be they just mail be...
Posted by Chinka
27 Jul 2017 #20

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