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H4 EAD case: Approved in 146 days (-43 days more than average)
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13 Jul 2017
14 Jul 2017
14 Jul 2017
06 Dec 2017
146 days
23 Aug 2017
07 Dec 2017
My case is H1 to H4 Ead.My 6 year limit expires in November 2nd week. My GC process they are just going to file PERM in the next week.Really worried about this H4 EAD is my only option to keep my job.

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Posted by divideby7
28 Aug 2017 #1
Any update on your case...What is the receipt number for your case starting with. My case starts with EAC1790XXXXX and when i check says cant find case online.
Posted by an123
29 Aug 2017 #2
My case starts with the same characters EAC1790XXXXX. It says case was received when i check online.
Posted by anagariya87
30 Aug 2017 #3
Dude please be prepared as H4 EAD is taking at least 90 days to get approval.
Posted by anagariya87
30 Aug 2017 #4
if you amount has been deducted then you should be all set
Posted by an123
31 Aug 2017 #5
You guys think that H4 ead wont be cancelled by then? am so nervous about this whole thing :(
Posted by anagariya87
15 Sep 2017 #6
Dude nothing is going to change on h4 EAD.
Posted by an123
28 Sep 2017 #7
Thanks @anagariya87 . I will raise an SR next week. Keeping fingers crossed I get it soon.
Posted by an123
30 Oct 2017 #8
@houseinquiries nothing at all until now :( I think its going to take more than 130 Days at this rate.
What about you?
Posted by divideby7
01 Nov 2017 #9
your case was assigned to officer on Oct 30th correct? if so expect any feedback in next two weeks. it doesn't take all 30 days to respond. all the best
Posted by an123
01 Nov 2017 #10
@houseinquiries praying for you and me! Let me wait till the 4th since they said i should expect some kind of response.
After that I will see what I can do either reach a congressman or something else.
Posted by GoGo9
03 Nov 2017 #11
Hi ,
Any update ?
Posted by an123
03 Nov 2017 #12
Nothing at all. No update. I think the way they are picking cases are very random ... no proper method being used.
Posted by an123
03 Nov 2017 #13
So sorry to hear that. I am sure you can find another better job. May be this job wasn't meant to be. I might be in the same boat soon.
Posted by GoGo9
05 Nov 2017 #14
Fist week of Nov they approved some Aug applications , not sure how they are picking up .
Posted by an123
06 Nov 2017 #15
@ 0PSATISH9 - Not sure either. They closed the first SR that I opened saying teh application is within the normal processing time.
I have a question : if the H1 application extension is filed concurrently with H4 EAD COS application in premium processing , will that mean H1 and H4 EAD application will get approved at the same time?
Posted by GoGo9
06 Nov 2017 #16
They supposed to do that and approved so many in last month but mine they did not.
Posted by an123
07 Nov 2017 #17
I tried expediting the case and even that they closed with no response. I will definitely not get my h 4 ead on time at this rate.
Posted by Aaku
06 Dec 2017 #18
Any Update on Your Case ?
Posted by an123
06 Dec 2017 #19
Nothing at all ! My employer won't wait after next week . Do looks like am going to loose my job.
Posted by an123
07 Dec 2017 #20
On November 6 it says my EAD has been approved. The H4 is still in pending status. But from what I am seeing all change of status applications get approved simultaneously.

It has been a crazy and stressful wait time.

Guys if you are applying for change of status esp from h1 to see to that there is no gap please please apply way ahead of time as they are doing things very radomly.
Posted by divideby7
07 Dec 2017 #21
is it nov 6th or dec 6th...i got both ead and cos approval in mail together
Posted by an123
07 Dec 2017 #22
Sorry dec 6th.

Thanks for pointing that out @divideby7.

When your case got approved did the online status say approved for ead and change of status or just ead card?
Mine just shows card productio ordered the h4 cos still says recived case.

Hoping they send both approvals in the mail together.
Posted by divideby7
07 Dec 2017 #23
Mine said card order and then card sent. cos still shows received but got cos and ead approval in mail with date of ead approval. so I requested cos as of 9/28 but approval shows as 11/28 with receipt date as 8/22. I hope this way we can explain the gap in I 94.
Posted by an123
13 Dec 2017 #24
Got my card today in mail i.e. 12/13.

@divideby7 my card has the same thing that you pointed.

My h1 ended on nov 18. We had requested start date of oct 2nd.

H4 ead Receipt shows date of jul 14.

Card says it starts from 12/08.

So hopefully the gap should not matter right?
Posted by divideby7
13 Dec 2017 #25
congrats hope so the gap is justifiable.
Posted by an123
15 Dec 2017 #26
Yes should be i think @ divide7 thanks for all your timely responses. Really appreciate it.

Also are you following the news on H4 ead. They are looking to end it in Feb 2018.

Hopefully the existing ones can work until the ead card expires. Your thoughts?
Posted by divideby7
15 Dec 2017 #27
I believe the deb date is to begin the nprm process to commence. then there will be review comment period before final.rule. my take atleast 4 to 6 months min from.feb 2018. I rhink.it might be a mid term.election give way to cheer base.
Posted by an123
15 Dec 2017 #28
Yes that what I am thinking @divideby7.

Hope it takes a while before they come up with any hard rules.

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