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H4 EAD case: Approved in 146 days (-46 days more than average)
20 May 2017
23 May 2017
13 Oct 2017
12 Oct 2017
18 Oct 2017
146 days
09 Sep 2017
19 Oct 2017
H4 + H4 EAD extension, Finally status changed to 'Card Production Ordered'. Oct 13- Both H4 and H4EAD were approved, H4EAD status changed to 'Card Mailed' Oct 18- EAD Received

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Posted by h4andh4ead
11 Sep 2017 #1
hi, im in the same situation. Did you get any response for sr raised after 90days.
Posted by gchere
11 Sep 2017 #2
Got a standard response..nothing specific. Wil have to wait.
Posted by Smart2020
14 Sep 2017 #3
Mine is pending H4+EAD.They have given me normal RFE stating H4 must be approved before filing EAD. So we need to wait for dates if you file H4+EAD. Standalone EAD is fast one and SR will work in that case.
Posted by gchere
18 Sep 2017 #4
thanks smart2020..waiting to see when ours will get approved. my wife's current h4ead expires Oct 20..fingers crossed.
Posted by h4andh4ead
20 Sep 2017 #5
hi smart2020.. did you apply h4 and h4ead together? I applied them together with h1 approval.
Posted by HopeH4
20 Sep 2017 #6
@Gchere , Did you get any update ? my wife's current EAD will expire on 10th October and her h4 + h4 EAD is pending raised SRs and no response yet and she is on edge of losing her job .
Posted by gchere
20 Sep 2017 #7
@hopeh4, no update yet.
Posted by Smart2020
21 Sep 2017 #8
Is your H4 approved ?Sometimes they are approving H4 first after 15 days H4 EAD?
Posted by gchere
21 Sep 2017 #9
No, not yet.
Posted by h4andh4ead
28 Sep 2017 #10
hi gchere... any update on your case? I am in the same situation and 10 days behind you. Really clueless how to track my case.
Posted by gchere
28 Sep 2017 #11
no update yet.
Posted by gchere
28 Sep 2017 #12
no update yet.
Posted by Smart2020
05 Oct 2017 #13
Any update on H4 ?
Posted by shruti218
11 Oct 2017 #14
Any update on your case?
Posted by gchere
11 Oct 2017 #15
No update yet.. feel like after they started premium processing these cases are getting delayed.

I have a friend who applied for his wife's H4 and H4EAD concurrently like me, the receipt date was around May 30, got an RFE ending of September to send last 6 paychecks of primary h1 holder. for your info guys..
Posted by h4andh4ead
12 Oct 2017 #16
congrats gchere. Happy for you:) Did you take any additional steps to get this done. I have been following your case as im in the same situation and applied a week after you.
Posted by shruti218
12 Oct 2017 #17
Congrats.... Finally!!!
Posted by Smart2020
12 Oct 2017 #18
Is your H4 approved as well.?
Posted by shruti218
12 Oct 2017 #19
No - I raised 3rd SR yesterday. Spoke to immigration officer - he said they will first process i-539 and i-765. Frustrating!!!
Posted by gchere
12 Oct 2017 #20
No, the H4 case stills says 'Case is Received', hoping they will update this.

@h4andh4ead - no addiotional steps taken. Raised 2 SRs so far, that last one was 10 days ago.
Posted by arippling28
19 Oct 2017 #21
@Smart2020 Hi I filed COS+H4 EAD in late June, similar response to my SR saying COS needs to be approved first.

Do you think concurrent filing may take 130+days? It's so frustrating waiting everyday.

Best wishes to everyone still waiting!

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