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H4 EAD case: Approved in 49 days (54 days less than average)
new application
25 May 2015
27 May 2015
04 Jun 2015
29 May 2015
Missing signature on I-765 form
01 Jun 2015
13 Jul 2015
13 Jul 2015
49 days
05 Jun 2015
23 Jul 2015
On July 18 2015, received the card in Mailbox On July 13, 2015, we ordered your new card for Receipt Number WAC15903805xx. This is my first change of status after it said we received your application on June 2 Above status changed to this the same d

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Posted by ilub511
11 Jun 2015 #1
Missing Signature means it should be returned, right? Did you receive RFE?

Btw, check your nationality again..
Posted by murattukalai
11 Jun 2015 #2
This list does not have place that says document returned. So I used RFE to say signature missing.
Posted by sonamks126
24 Jun 2015 #3
Hi John,

I applied for H4 EAD. Yesterday my status changed from 'Case was received on June 1' to 'Document Was Returned To USCIS by Postoffice'. Looks like my name wasn't available on Post office and hence the documents were returned to USCIS. Can you tell me the status here means that it were the entire package of my original document that was returned or a approval notice was returned? Asking you this question because I believe you must be knowing what the new status means. Thanks in advance,

Posted by murattukalai
24 Jun 2015 #4
Best solution is to call USCIS and find out what is going on. I got status update like Case rejected, document are returned to you. Since they have your address documents will be in your mailbox. Do you think you made any mistakes in the document?
Posted by sonamks126
24 Jun 2015 #5
I called up USCIS but they said they cannot divulge information on what was in those documents. I have to send a e-request to request them to send my documents again to my address. I don't think I made any mistakes in the document. So I am trying to figure out was it a problem with my address since my apartment mailbox did not have my name on it or is it something related to documents. Can you tell me what is the sequence of case status in an ideal situation? Thanks for the prompt reply John. :)
Posted by murattukalai
24 Jun 2015 #6
Usually it says Card being ordered and then changes to card shipped. But in your case it looks little different. Did they cash the check? You can also check H4 EAD tracker and see if your case number is close to anyone else approval status.

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