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H4 EAD case: Approved in 162 days (-59 days more than average)
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09 Jul 2017
10 Jul 2017
12 Jul 2017
18 Dec 2017
162 days
20 Sep 2017
18 Dec 2017
H1 --> H4 (COS) & EAD : Both Filed Concurrently.. Updated in Site as New Card Is Being Produced...Good Luck All...

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Posted by Aaku
21 Sep 2017 #1
Hi - i am planning to Raise SR in the coming week..

Please help me understand -

1.Do i need to Raise the SR thru online (or) phone..?

2.Do i need to Specify the H1 --> H4 COS Receipt (or) EAD Receipt when i Plan Raise the SR..Kindly Advise on which Receipt # the SR to be Raised...?

Posted by an123
17 Oct 2017 #2
Hey any update on your case? My receipt date is Jul 14th. pretty close to your date for COS. Did you raise an SR?
Posted by sejal222
17 Oct 2017 #3
We have raised SR through Phone on Oct 13th. No Update yet.
Posted by Deepthireddy
31 Oct 2017 #4
any updates?
Posted by Aaku
02 Nov 2017 #5
Hi - i didn't receive any Updates yet...Hoping to get it soon..
Posted by an123
06 Dec 2017 #6
@aaku : any update on your case ? Seems like you and me are at the bottom of the pile
Posted by Aaku
06 Dec 2017 #7

No Update until now...i Raised several SR's ,Tried with the Congressman also but all in Vain...

Hoping for Both of us to get it soon...
Posted by an123
06 Dec 2017 #8
Same story with me. I have given up at this point.

Keeping my fingers for both our cases.
Posted by dvachhan
19 Dec 2017 #9
how they allow you to open SR, when I called them they told me they are processing March 2017 cases right now. and my case (Aug15 2017) is within normal time frame so cann't be open SR. anyone experience the same ?
Posted by an123
19 Dec 2017 #10
Infact they allowed me to open two SRs when i called in. I gave the reason of financial loss. Not that the SRs were of any help but at least was able to open them.

They gave me the same reason saying March cases were being processed which is not true.

Did you try reaching out to congressman?

Posted by Aaku
19 Dec 2017 #11
i opened some 5 SR's and also Approached the congressman Route also..

Nothing helped me ...i guess we need to be patient...
Posted by Shwetha83
30 Dec 2017 #12
Hi, Did you receive both H4 and EAD at the same time?
Posted by Aaku
30 Dec 2017 #13
yes,Received both together...

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