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H4 EAD case: Approved in 110 days (-7 days more than average)
new application
27 Sep 2017
02 Oct 2017
10 Oct 2017
15 Jan 2018
15 Jan 2018
24 Jan 2018
110 days
09 Oct 2017
25 Jan 2018
H1 to H4 COS+EAD. Status changed to 'New Card Is Being Produced' on 01/15/2018 Status changed to 'Card was mailed to me' on 1/18

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Posted by wonderwish
30 Oct 2017 #1
No update yet
Posted by pocono66
18 Dec 2017 #2
Did u try raising SR?
Posted by wonderwish
18 Dec 2017 #3
Raised an SR today 12/18 and got message "Expect a reply by January 9 2018"
Posted by wonderwish
21 Dec 2017 #4
Received an email on 12/19 from USCIS with following:
"The status of this service request is:

We researched your case and found that your case is currently in line for processing. We process cases in the order in which they are received and will assign your case to an officer for review as soon as possible. We regret that we cannot provide a definitive timeframe on the processing of your application, but assure you that we are committed to the timely processing of applications for employment authorization"
Posted by pocono66
03 Jan 2018 #5
I got the same response - raised SR Jan 2

Any movements for u?
Posted by wonderwish
03 Jan 2018 #6
No movement. Raised 2nd SR yesterday. Did not get the reply yet
Posted by pocono66
03 Jan 2018 #7
Is ur H4 pending approval too?
Posted by wonderwish
10 Jan 2018 #8
Posted by wonderwish
12 Jan 2018 #9
2nd SR was closed but did not receive any email response.
Raised 3rd SR on 01/10. Got an email response saying that case has been assigned to an office and expect a response in 60 days.
Posted by pocono66
12 Jan 2018 #10
Do you think they will process H 4 and EaD together. As i am reading will have to wait after h4 is approved
Posted by H4COSandEAD
16 Jan 2018 #11
Did you raise all SR's on H4 (I-539) or EAD (I-765) receipt number?
I am in the same boat H1 to H4 COS + EAD.
Posted by dvachhan
16 Jan 2018 #12
I has receipt date 8/15 for F1 to H4 and EAD, got COS approved 2 weeks ago but no update on EAD.
Posted by H4COSandEAD
16 Jan 2018 #13
thanks for info dvachhan, good to know it can be better than 7 months of wait time.
Did you raise SR's on I-539 or I-765?
I haven't raised any SR so wondering on which application to raise it for H1 to H4 or the EAD.
Posted by wonderwish
16 Jan 2018 #14
I raised all the SR's on I-765 receipt number
Posted by H4COSandEAD
16 Jan 2018 #15
@wonderwish - Thanks
Posted by shemra
23 Jan 2018 #16
Congrats wonderwish!

@H4COCandEAD - when did you apply for H1 to H4 COS + EAD. I am in the same situation. Receipt date - Nov 22, 2017
Posted by wonderwish
25 Jan 2018 #17
Thanks. My receipt date - Oct 2 2017
Posted by H4COSandEAD
28 Jan 2018 #18
@shemra - my receipt date is Oct 11th. Raised one SR on EAD application got response assigned to an officer on Jan 26th.
Posted by shemra
28 Jan 2018 #19
@H4COSandEAD - thanks and good luck. Please post any update you get on your case here.

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