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H4 EAD case: Approved in 150 days (-47 days more than average)
25 Jun 2017
29 Jun 2017
03 Jul 2017
22 Nov 2017
21 Nov 2017
150 days
14 Oct 2017
27 Nov 2017

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Posted by Saibaba23
20 Oct 2017 #1
Any update?
Posted by essykay
20 Oct 2017 #2
Still nothing- grueling wait - on leave of absence at the risk of loosing the job.
Posted by Saibaba23
20 Oct 2017 #3
When did you raise last SR and what was the response?
Posted by Saibaba23
20 Oct 2017 #4
When did you raise last SR and what was the response?
Posted by essykay
23 Oct 2017 #5
I raised a SR online on 10/19 and on 10/20 they have issued a RFE- not sure what they want to know- it looks like they don't like the applicant pushing too hard and they want to prolong it for few more weeks- they derive pleasure in throwing people out of jobs. Welcome to America
Posted by essykay
24 Oct 2017 #6
The RFE Just turned out to send my photos- which apparently was not sent during the submission of original application. Not sure how long the adjudication will take- the photo has been submitted now.
Posted by trackmycs
31 Oct 2017 #7
we have a ditto same situation. i reached out to local senator. but the office of senator told me 60 days after the RFE is issued is normal processing time. lost a very good job offer with this whole mess of a situation. I plan to submit a request with White House for assistance. Any thoughts?
Posted by RKSH
31 Oct 2017 #8
Today i received an email stating issuance of RFE , just not sure what they want . Please let update as soon as you hear something .
Posted by essykay
02 Nov 2017 #9
i received an update stating that my response to RFE has been received and they will restart processing the case - Not sure how long this will take.
Posted by essykay
09 Nov 2017 #10
This is just H$ EAD renewal. I raised my second SR yesterday online and promptly the status update was there this morning- An officer is assigned, reply sent and SR closed, however the case is still under processing.! very frustrating- my employer has been patient until now. I am now requesting them to process my H1B transfer on premium- to save indefinite wait-

It appears anyone trying to open SR or go to the Congressman is deliberately delayed. my bad luck..
Posted by arippling28
15 Nov 2017 #11
Hi, have u heard anything back?

I've raised 4 SR, plus the congressman raised one for me, nothing helped yet, so frustrating....
Posted by essykay
15 Nov 2017 #12
@arippling28, Nothing yet. This is really becoming nerve wrecking..

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