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H4 EAD case: Approved in 141 days (-38 days more than average)
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27 Jun 2017
28 Jun 2017
01 Jul 2017
15 Nov 2017
141 days
16 Oct 2017
15 Nov 2017
H4 COS + H4 EAD 1st sr submitted Sep 12th, Called Oct 04th, agent said he will raise 2nd, no record ,,,submitted 3nd SR Oct 16 for I765 Nov15 10:10pm got email saying card mailed!!

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Posted by arippling28
16 Oct 2017 #1
When I called customer service line again today, the agent said when we file COS with I 765, the COS to H4 needs to be approved first.

USCIS is still on Feb's COS cases, so possibly another 4 months to get to my case....

This is so frustrating, I already lost my job and need the H4 EAD to go back to the same company or look for another job.

Anyone can share some info? do we really need to wait for another 4 months for COS then 3 months for H4 EAD?
I saw some people already have COS+H4 ead approved when they filed on late June and July.

Thanks so much!!!

Posted by an123
21 Oct 2017 #2
Well I am in the same boat. It's been hundred days I haven't got my h4ead . My h1 expires November 2nd week . I am going to loose my job at this rate. Very depressing. Not sure why they said they are still processing feb cases. I see jun and some jul change of status getting approved. Well they know how to mess with people's lives for sure.

Between did you try opening an service request online? I haven't entailed one yet I am panning to do that . Don't think it's going to help anyways!
Posted by arippling28
30 Oct 2017 #3
Got a response on my 3rd SR today case has been assigned to an officer I think it’s better than the old response saying cos they are still on Feb cases.

Nothing to do but wait, stay positive.

I applied late since I found out my green card with h1b Comp got audit, why u guys not applying EAD card 6 months in advance? Just curious.
Posted by divideby7
06 Nov 2017 #4
Any update on the 3rd SR?
Posted by arippling28
06 Nov 2017 #5

I’m in contact with the congressman Office to submit a SR on their end, but honestly I don’t think it would help. Just find something to do...

R u in the similar situation? Cos + EAD?
Posted by arippling28
06 Nov 2017 #6
Good thinking,,,haha

Too bad, all we can do is wait now, I probably will need to find another job, old employer won’t let me go back after this long gap..
Posted by an123
10 Nov 2017 #7
@arippling28 any update on your case?
Posted by arippling28
10 Nov 2017 #8

No, very depressing and sad

When did u file urs?
Posted by an123
10 Nov 2017 #9
ya am in the same boat!! am in touch with a congressman too but honestly speaking no use i think.

Receipt Notice Date - July 14 .. something is definitely up with the July cases as I am seeing August cases get approved as well!!

Posted by arippling28
10 Nov 2017 #10
No idea why mine is taking this long... Late June...

I see some July cos + EAD approved, but if I search the receipt num randomly before me on their web I feel hopeless
Posted by an123
13 Nov 2017 #11
Am in the same situation. Praying for you and me.

Thanks to this forum and everyone here I have had so much support !
Posted by arippling28
15 Nov 2017 #12
Finally after long wait, got an email and Text at 10:10pm today saying card is mailed...

Posted by an123
16 Nov 2017 #13
Oh wow !! Thats awesome .. I am the only one who is not getting an approval :(
Posted by arippling28
17 Nov 2017 #14
u submitted 2 weeks after me seems?

So 2 more weeks you should get something, good luck!!
Posted by an123
17 Nov 2017 #15
Thanks I hope so. Good luck to you too :)
Posted by kalyan48
21 Nov 2017 #16
Hi, How did you raised SR when USCIS rejected first time based on H4 ? Please let me know how SR raised only for EAD.
Posted by divideby7
04 Dec 2017 #17
@arippling28 - Did the H1 to H4 COS approval start date is as the date your H1B expired. In my case the approval notice date is as of the date they approved the petition not the date requested on the form. How will we justify the gap.

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