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H4 EAD case: Approved in 147 days (-46 days more than average)
new application
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10 Jul 2017
12 Jul 2017
04 Dec 2017
147 days
21 Nov 2017
04 Dec 2017
Card production ordered today

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Posted by surya9
21 Nov 2017 #1
Raised sr on 92 nd day and the response was application is within normal processing time.
I have job offer & I don’t know what to do..I am tired of waiting...any suggestions? Should I go for congressman’s help?
Posted by an123
28 Nov 2017 #2
They are delaying the applications from July . Looks like your date is two days earlier than mine. You can try reaching out to your local congressman but honestly speaking there's no use. But better to try that option. Is yours change of status or standalone?
Posted by surya9
28 Nov 2017 #3
Mine is change of status...
You think we get it soon?
Posted by an123
28 Nov 2017 #4
I hope and pray that we get it soon. Plz keep your case status in case you get an update.
Posted by surya9
28 Nov 2017 #5
Sure! I will Thanks
Posted by an123
04 Dec 2017 #6
Any update on your case?
Posted by Koduri17
06 Dec 2017 #7
HY Surya9,
Did you raise any service requests?
Posted by Aaku
06 Dec 2017 #8
Hi Surya -

is your Application H4 & H4 EAD filed together ?

can you also Please share your last 5 Digits of the USCIS Receipt Number

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