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H4 EAD case:
new application
21 Mar 2018
29 Mar 2018
2169 days
01 Apr 2018
26 Jul 2018
COS to H4 + EAD

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Posted by Lostinus
26 Jul 2018 #1

Have you still not received the card?
Posted by Rubiny
26 Jul 2018 #2
I withdrew my case. I have decided to travel and get my COS stamped.
Posted by Lostinus
26 Jul 2018 #3
When did you withdraw?
I am thinking of doing something similar, but I have until Nov 10th to make that decision.
Based on how slow the COS is happening, I am certain I might have to inevitably travel and get COS stamped and take a 3-5 months break.
Posted by Rubiny
26 Jul 2018 #4
Yeah.. I withdrew about 2-3 weeks ago. The wait times are insane! Plus I had to travel anyhow, so just withdrew..
Posted by visin
23 Aug 2018 #5
Hi Rubiny,
Did you file the withdrawal notice before leaving the US or after? I'm planning to get stamped as well (my i-539 was filed in June). Would it cause any issues? My attorney says we'll file withdrawal once I come back with stamped visa.
Posted by manu21
13 Sep 2018 #6
Hi Ruby, what happened to your EAD application? DId you have to reapply?

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