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H4 EAD case: Approved in 175 days (-74 days more than average)
not sure
16 Jul 2018
16 Jul 2018
19 Jul 2018
07 Jan 2019
175 days
23 Jul 2018
08 Jan 2019
finally got H4 extension and EAD went RFE

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Posted by pallavpatel
23 Oct 2018 #1
Hey, did u get approval? seems like they started aug case.. just want to see how uscis pick cases.. could you please update case if u receive approval. thanks for helping coomunity.
Posted by madwis2017
23 Oct 2018 #2
My case still shows the same status. Its been 100 days from received by USCIS. :( :(
Posted by pallavpatel
23 Oct 2018 #3
standalone ead? why dont u call uscis?
Posted by pallavpatel
29 Oct 2018 #4
any update ? standalone ?
Posted by pallavpatel
01 Nov 2018 #5
any update for your case ?
Posted by pallavpatel
02 Nov 2018 #6
aug end cases approved and are you still waiting for your approval ?
Posted by madwis2017
02 Nov 2018 #7
My Case still shows "Case was Received" status only :(
Posted by pallavpatel
02 Nov 2018 #8
cant you raise SR or reach out to uscis ?
Posted by pallavpatel
02 Nov 2018 #9
standalone ?
Posted by pallavpatel
12 Nov 2018 #10
is it approved ? standalone ?
Posted by madwis2017
13 Nov 2018 #11
No mine still in the same status. Did you get a chance to raise SR for your case?
Posted by BuffaloH4
13 Nov 2018 #12
Hi @madwis2017 is you application a standalone ead or a change of status to h4 and ead joint filing? Mine is a joint filing right around your application time. Your response is appreciated.
Posted by spathu
03 Dec 2018 #13
Does your application include H4 Change of Status or is it a stand alone EAD application?
Posted by madwis2017
03 Dec 2018 #14
Mine is joint filling with H4 extension as well EAD. so having 2 different receipt numbers 1 for H4 extension & another for EAD and filed together, but both are in the same status for last 4 months(140 days still today).
Posted by spathu
08 Jan 2019 #15
What RFE did you get for EAD? Is your EAD approved ?
Posted by Surabhim87
13 Jan 2019 #16
Hi !!
What was the reason for your RFE ? I also filed for H4 and EAD concurrently and my husband travelled out of the US in Novemeber so I am wondering if they are giving RFEs for spouse’s change of i-94.


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