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H4 EAD case: Approved in 137 days (-54 days more than average)
not sure
19 Jan 2019
23 Jan 2019
23 Jan 2019
05 Jun 2019
05 Jun 2019
137 days
05 Feb 2019
16 May 2019
06 Jun 2019
New Card Is Being Produced - I havent received an email as yet and checked the status on USCIS website to see it updated to June 5 2019

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Posted by inspiration
20 May 2019 #1
Did you raise the inquiry for your case? It is like beyond the processing timeline.
Posted by navy_R21
20 May 2019 #2
Hi I tried raising a concern online on the USCIS website although the website mentions that I cannot raise it until its 5 months (150 days). Any suggestions
Posted by aapps
21 May 2019 #3
You can call them.
Posted by reachrsk
21 May 2019 #4
I called them and explained the situation that I will loose my job if not approved in 2 weeks. The USCIS representative opened a service request but with a week I got a mail explaining that as long as it is within processing timeline, they will not expedite it and will be processed normally.
Posted by reachrsk
27 May 2019 #5
Please update here if you have any news. Thanks!
Posted by navy_R21
27 May 2019 #6
Yes, I will update but I have No update/news from USCIS (Vermont Service Center) as yet!
Posted by amit03
30 May 2019 #7
Hi, is your application for standalone EAD renewal or H4+EAD renewal? Thanks.
Posted by navy_R21
06 Jun 2019 #8
Hi, @amit03 It is for H4 EAD, not EAD.Are you a student / on OPT visa?
Posted by amit03
06 Jun 2019 #9
@navy_R21, by EAD, I meant H4 EAD (this tracker is for H4 EAD). I also applied for H4 EAD renewal.

I wanted to know whether you applied for H4 EAD renewal only (I-765 only)? or H4 extension + H4 EAD renewal (I-539 + I-765 together)?

Congratulations on your approval.
Posted by Hamsalathaj
06 Jun 2019 #10
Hi, congrats on your H4Ead approval.

Can I know last 3 digit of your receipt number , mine too belongs to Jan 23rd received date wanted to check which sequence they are processing it now. So can guess my approval time.
Posted by navy_R21
06 Jun 2019 #11
Right this tracker is for H4 EAD. I have applied for H4 EAD renewal - I-765 only.

Thank you @amit03
Posted by navy_R21
06 Jun 2019 #12
Thank you @Hamsalathaj Is your visa being processed at the Vermont service center? If yes you might get your update in a week. As I looked at Trackitt to see that someone closer to my received date (Jan 23 ) received the update on May 31 st
Posted by Hamsalathaj
06 Jun 2019 #13
Yes Vermont center only
Posted by navy_R21
10 Jun 2019 #14
Oh Okay! @Hamsalathaj the last three digits of my receipt number is 891
Posted by Hamsalathaj
10 Jun 2019 #15
Thanks this helps

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