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H4 EAD case: Approved in 113 days (-12 days more than average)
27 Mar 2019
28 Mar 2019
28 Mar 2019
18 Jul 2019
18 Jul 2019
25 Jul 2019
113 days
22 May 2019
31 Jul 2019
• Concurrent Premium Processing H-1B Extension + H-4 Extension + H-4 EAD Renewal • H-1B Approved - April 2 • Biometrics (I-539) completed - April 16 • Biometrics received by Nebraska Service Center - April 18 • H-4+EAD Approved 3 months later - July 1

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Posted by sierraMike
22 May 2019 #1
Biometric for I-539 completed on April 16 in Indianapolis
Biometric data received by Nebraska Service Center on April 18
Posted by gcs18
22 May 2019 #2
Is the status changed for the case, after the biometric appointment? How did you know that Biometric data is received by Nebraska Service Center on April 18?
Please let us know. Thanks.
Posted by sierraMike
22 May 2019 #3
No change in the online status. Found out about Apr 18 via a phone call to USCIS around first week of May.
Posted by gcs18
22 May 2019 #4
Oh okay. Thank you.
Posted by laca86
22 May 2019 #5
What is the contact number?. I tried reaching them it does not take me to talk to Representative
Posted by gcs18
22 May 2019 #6
Do we need to contact and verify whether they received the biometrics data? We already have a proof that we attended the biometrics appointment. I don't see a point on why we should verify with them? Please clarify if I am missing something here..
Posted by sierraMike
22 May 2019 #7
laca86 - It's just the customer service phone number

gcs18 - Online case status has not shown an update, so I decided to call and ask for an update, where I was told that the service center received biometric on Apr 18.
Posted by sierraMike
22 May 2019 #8
laca86 - It's just the customer service phone number

gcs18 - Online case status has not shown an update, so I decided to call and ask for an update, where I was told that the service center received biometric on Apr 18.
Posted by ksramya
23 May 2019 #9
I'm in the same boat. gave biometrics on april 15th and they were received by nebraska service center on april 18th. Didn't receive any update yet. Please let me know when you have an update.
Posted by gch1f1
24 May 2019 #10
Did you file with h1b premium
Posted by ksramya
24 May 2019 #11
Posted by shanthi19
06 Jun 2019 #12
Hi , any update ?
Posted by ksramya
06 Jun 2019 #13
No update yet.
Posted by sierraMike
06 Jun 2019 #14
ksramya - no update yet
Posted by th4ead
18 Jun 2019 #15
ksramya & sierraMike-Any update on this yet?
Posted by ksramya
18 Jun 2019 #16
No update yet
Posted by visah1h4
20 Jun 2019 #17
did you try contacting customer service number?
Posted by sierraMike
20 Jun 2019 #18
th4ead and ksramya - no update for me too
visah1h4 - yes, but didn't to get any more information beyond what is stated online on case status
Posted by ksramya
20 Jun 2019 #19
Yes I tried all the ways I could but no update.
Posted by ksramya
20 Jun 2019 #20
I hope atleast the cases from march gets approvals from now on.
Posted by th4ead
27 Jun 2019 #21
Hello, any updates yet? Did you try calling them?
Posted by sierraMike
27 Jun 2019 #22
the4ead -- Yes, and they were not helpful.
Have you tried calling USCIS? If yes, please provide whats steps and the exact language you used, so that all of us try the same approach.
Posted by th4ead
28 Jun 2019 #23
sierraMike-I called them but just to ask if they have received my biometrics and they said that they did. I asked why it was not update online and they said that they have too many applications and cannot keep updating each and every case.
Posted by th4ead
15 Jul 2019 #24
No update yet?
Posted by sierraMike
16 Jul 2019 #25
th4ead - no updates at all
Posted by inspiration
17 Jul 2019 #26
@sierraMike What is the number to call? My call goes for 45 mins and do not get answered.
Posted by anooog
23 Jul 2019 #27
Same thing happened to me. Tried several times and able connect with the representative.

Called the number - 1 (800) 375-5283 and pressed 1122, it asked me to enter case #.
Sometimes they will pick up in
Posted by shanthi19
25 Jul 2019 #28
Hi any updates on H4 EAD?
Posted by gcs18
25 Jul 2019 #29
Hearty Congratulations @sierraMike. This is the first approval that I have seen on this forum from Nebraska Processing Center for H4 and H4EAD after the biometrics process is introduced.

Could you please update your case number upto the last 3 digits?
This will help of us who are waiting for approvals to track and estimate time for approval.

My receipt date is : April 11th.
Biometrics was completed on April: April 29th
Posted by Ravi45
25 Jul 2019 #30
Congratulations. Finally I heard the first approval from Nebraska after Biometrics.
Posted by gcs18
26 Jul 2019 #31
@sierraMike- Could you please let us know if you filed litigation case?
Posted by bujjibujjiH4
26 Jul 2019 #32
@sierraMike- Hi, when is your H4 got approved? Could you please mention your case history here?
Posted by th4ead
29 Jul 2019 #33
@sierraMike- did you expedite your case in any way or did it just take it's usual time to process your case?
Posted by sierraMike
30 Jul 2019 #34
Case timeline is in Notes. And this case was NOT expedited or litigated. FYI - After the agent takes fingerprints at the ASC, it is sent directly for background check, and THEN returned to the location where your case is being processed. This explains the gap between April 16 and April 18. After April 18, it seems to be taking exactly 90 days (same as before, and same as other EADs like F1-OPT).
General Advice -- Apply 6 month before expiry, do NOT delay. After getting finger-print letter, do immediate walk-in for finger-print. Then call USCIS after 1 week to confirm that they have received finger-prints. Then wait patiently for 12 weeks. It takes approx. 13 weeks from finger-prints, and you can apply as early as 26 weeks before expiry. Please plan well in advance.
Posted by friendlyshiva
31 Jul 2019 #35
Is your spouse's H1 got approved before your H4 biometrics got completed ?
Posted by Happybay
31 Jul 2019 #36
Hi!! Congrats on your ead!! my question is, what was your old ead expiration date and did you receive your new ead before that date? Was it filed in Premium Processing?
Posted by sierraMike
31 Jul 2019 #37
Please see notes section in the case above.
Posted by upendar1234
01 Aug 2019 #38
@SierraMike, thank you for sharing your case details and providing detailed analysis on the processing time, it is really make sense and helpful
Posted by plainette
01 Aug 2019 #39
Congratulations, and thanks for sharing you case details. My RD is a week after yours, and I am still waiting. Did you try approaching a Congressman for help at all or just waited? Thanks.
Posted by sierraMike
01 Aug 2019 #40
@plainette - Processing time will depend on the center. If you read the comments and the notes, you will see that it seems that Nebraska is taking 90 days from fingerprints to approval, and this is aligned with Nebraska's processing time for a standalone H4-EAD, which is minimum 3 months to maximum 5 months. So, you can look at processing times for other centers, and then add a suitable number of days after you have given fingerprints, and you have a guess on when approval will be.
Posted by rohansriv2000
07 Aug 2019 #41
@whoever can answer

I applied H4 EAD on 28 March and Yesteday received notification "New Card Is Being Produced". However H4 Application is still not approved. Do anyone has Idea why H4 is still pending? Hoping to get H4 EAD by next week.
Posted by bujjibujjiH4
07 Aug 2019 #42
Based on other users comments, H4 and H4-EAD will get approve all at once. Good that status got updated for you.
Posted by gcs18
07 Aug 2019 #43
@rohansriv2000 - Could you please add your case to the tracker?
Thank you.
Posted by rohansriv2000
07 Aug 2019 #44
@GCS18-Sure I will add tonight EST time.

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