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H4 EAD case: Approved in 140 days (-38 days more than average)
20 May 2019
20 May 2019
07 Oct 2019
140 days
23 May 2019
08 Oct 2019
completed bio-metrics on June 14th Case updated to new card being produced

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Posted by mask2833
18 Jun 2019 #1
Hi, Did you applied H1+H4+H4EAD all together or once you got H1+H4 approved then you applied for H4 EAD ?
Posted by Deepthireddy
18 Jun 2019 #2
Applied all together
Posted by borntowin09
02 Oct 2019 #3
Please update your case to help others to estimate the timeframe. Thanks!
Posted by Deepthireddy
02 Oct 2019 #4
It's still pending. Raised 2 expedite requests. Both has been rejected.
Posted by murattukalai
07 Oct 2019 #5
@deepthireddy How did you raise expedite request? What reason and did you send additional documents?
Posted by Deepthireddy
07 Oct 2019 #6
Yes, I raised expedite request based on financial loss. They did not request for any documents. They are straight away sending rejection emails
Posted by murattukalai
07 Oct 2019 #7
How frequently you created expedite request after first one was rejected?
Posted by Deepthireddy
07 Oct 2019 #8
About a month
Posted by borntowin09
08 Oct 2019 #9
Congratulations @Deepthireddy!
Could you please post your receipt number without the last 3 digits?

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