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H4 EAD case: Approved in 96 days (7 days less than average)
16 May 2019
17 May 2019
17 May 2019
20 Aug 2019
96 days
01 Jun 2019
20 Aug 2019
H1 + H4+ H4EAD applied in PP. Biometric completed on Jun6 On 08-20 - New Card being produced

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Posted by Alfreeda6
21 Aug 2019 #1
Hi ,
Did you expedite your case?
Posted by faridabhanu1
21 Aug 2019 #2
My receipt date was may 1st my visa still pending...
can you please share first 5 digits of your Receipt no.
did you expedite or filled litigation?
Thank you.
Posted by ellen2253
21 Aug 2019 #3
Congrats, did the status of your H4 extension updated to "biometrics received ..." after it's done in June?
Posted by Deepthireddy
21 Aug 2019 #4
Congrats, did you file a litigation?
Posted by kirteshjain
21 Aug 2019 #5
Biometric for my wife was completed on June 3rd for Nebraska Service center but we didnt hear any update until yet. Did you file any H4EAD expedite request or any litigation ?
Posted by Corte
22 Aug 2019 #6
Could you help confirm if this is a litigation case or standard processing ?
Posted by sandyg4u
22 Aug 2019 #7
Expedite request denied. Possibly through litigation (July6). Litigation will not speed up drastically, it might advance decision by 2-3 weeks.
Posted by sgollak
22 Aug 2019 #8
That means litigation was filed on July 6th and approval happened on Aug 20th i.e close 45 days time frame.

Can you please suggest if I file litigation on AUG30th ,the litigation may not speed it up as my expiry date is 09/18/2019.

Appreciate if you can share your opinion as I have to make critical decision
Posted by IMASA
25 Aug 2019 #9
Litigation prep and filing time is at least 15 days, +45 days average approval time, so unless a litigant has 60 days to benefit from a decision- I wouldn't recommend a litigation. However, at the same time I have seem some get approved as early as 18 days after litigation filing so its a choice everyone has to make based on their personal circumstances.
Posted by Agej
11 Sep 2019 #10
@IMASA, could you please help with the steps to file Litigation please. I filed renewal through my employer attorney ...
Posted by IMASA
14 Sep 2019 #11
send an email t [email protected] to start litigation process. They are not good at responding (typical lawyers) so send reminders.
Posted by H4-Ead11
23 Sep 2019 #12
@sandyg4u: Mine is same case like you..joined litigation on Aug 16th and got approvals on Sep 20th. the status shows "My Case Is Approved" for both H4 and EAD but nothing like card has been ordered etc.
Can you please confirm if you received the card and if yes can u please let me know the timelines.

Thanks & Regards
Posted by sandyg4u
23 Sep 2019 #13
Give it a day or two. You should see change in status update, given last two days are weekend.
Posted by H4-Ead11
23 Sep 2019 #14
Thanks!! But it

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