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H4 EAD case: Approved in 86 days (17 days less than average)
27 May 2019
28 May 2019
28 May 2019
21 Aug 2019
21 Aug 2019
28 Aug 2019
86 days
21 Aug 2019
14 Jun 2019
29 Aug 2019
Filed H1+H4+H4 EAD concurrently in premium processing. H1 approved June 12

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Posted by Nilisha24
13 Aug 2019 #1
any update?
Posted by anu12devaran
13 Aug 2019 #2
Posted by hs1623
13 Aug 2019 #3
still shows case was received.
Posted by Nilisha24
13 Aug 2019 #4
@anu12devaran + @hs1623 - when does your current EAD expire?
Posted by argupta
22 Aug 2019 #5
When did you for biometric? My notice date is 23rd May but still haven't got any update so I was wondering maybe my biometric appointment was late.
Posted by hs1623
22 Aug 2019 #6
We did biometrics on June 13th
Posted by SGR1987
22 Aug 2019 #7
Wow, congrats. I filed around same time..still waiting..no update
Posted by Deepak9
29 Aug 2019 #8
Congrats by any chance your H4 status changed to "Finger Print Review Completed"? what is your OL status on H4 and EAD?
Posted by hs1623
29 Aug 2019 #9
1. For H4 no update on egov.uscis.gov still shows Case Was Received
2. On my.uscis.gov I see following in case history
- May 29: Case Received
- Aug 21: Case Was Approved
- Aug 24: Fingerprint Review Was Completed
Posted by Deepak9
29 Aug 2019 #10
Interesting my status for H4 shows "Fingerprint Review Was Completed" directly after "Case Received"
and what is the status of EAD on uscis site?
and what are your approval dates & hard copy received dates?
Posted by hs1623
29 Aug 2019 #11
EAD is approved on both sites and both approval date and date on card is 8/21
Posted by Deepak9
29 Aug 2019 #12
Thanks for the info
Posted by chaithu7844
30 Aug 2019 #13
My status changed to New card is being produced on Aug 27th. On Aug 28th it changed to Case was approved. when can i expect the card to be mailed. How many days did it take for you.
Posted by hs1623
30 Aug 2019 #14
It took about 1 week for us to get the card from card production ordered to card was mailed to card was picked up USPS and card was delivered.

When card is picked up by USPS case status website will also give you tracking number.

You should expect to receive it by sept 3/4

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