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H4 EAD case: Approved in 139 days (-38 days more than average)
new application
22 May 2019
22 May 2019
08 Oct 2019
08 Oct 2019
139 days
21 Jun 2019
08 Oct 2019

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Posted by borntowin09
08 Oct 2019 #1
@kunalks2003 - Any update?
Posted by kunalks2003
08 Oct 2019 #2
no update yet this is first time EAD so don't know if it will take same time
Posted by kunalks2003
08 Oct 2019 #3
just got email New Card Is Being Produced. i have registered to get email
Posted by borntowin09
08 Oct 2019 #4
great! Congratulations!! Did the status in the USCIS website also changed ?
Posted by kunalks2003
08 Oct 2019 #5
yes i think i got email from the USCIS website
Posted by Akki420
09 Oct 2019 #6
When was your fingerPrint ?
Posted by kunalks2003
09 Oct 2019 #7
22may submited h1 h4h4ead in normal processing
7june converted to premium
10june finger printing
11june h1b approve
8 oct ead new card is being produced
H4 still pending
Posted by Smmmred
10 Oct 2019 #8
Did you do any ER or filed litigation
Posted by kunalks2003
11 Oct 2019 #9
no did not do any thing just waited
Posted by kunalks2003
14 Oct 2019 #10
Nebraska center
22 may submitted h1 h4 h4ead in normal processing
7 June converted to premium
10 June finger printing
11 June h1b approve
8 Oct ead new card is being produced
12 Oct received H4 approval Copy
online H4 still pending
EAD will come on 15th Oct

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