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H4 EAD case: Approved in 29 days (74 days less than average)
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03 Jul 2019
04 Jul 2019
04 Jul 2019
01 Aug 2019
29 days
08 Jul 2019
08 Aug 2019
I applied for my H4 EAD extension on July 3rd and i got it approved online on Aug 1st and i received my EAD Extension card on August 7th.

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Posted by himawari
15 Jul 2019 #1
Hi, could you please let me know when did you receive the receipt? I filed my H4 EAD case on July 2nd and the package was delivered on July 3rd. But I haven't received the receipt yet nor the check been cashed. Thank you very much!
Posted by Jay3Ram
01 Aug 2019 #2
Please can let me know;
Did you get, Biometric Receipt? My application delivered on 4th June, still no biometric receipt? I was wonder if it's really delayed my receipt on its only in my case.
Posted by NaWin4858
08 Aug 2019 #3
@himawari and @Jay3Ram

Sorry for the delay in response.

I did get my H4 EAD Biometric Receipt in mail on July 15th and my appointment was scheduled on July23rd AND I GOT TO ACCEPT THAT I HAVE BEEN LUCKY HERE, I DID GET MY WIFES H4 EAD CARD YESTERDAY AUGUST 8th.

Posted by faridabhanu1
08 Aug 2019 #4
Congratulations, your so lucky..
Did you expedite your process or you filled litigation?
My receipt date is may 1st and completed biometric on may 22nd , still no approval from NSC..
Posted by faridabhanu1
08 Aug 2019 #5
can you provide first 4 digits of your recept #..
please share the info for everyone can benefit.
Posted by NaWin4858
08 Aug 2019 #6
@ faridabhanu1 : Below is my last 4 digits of receipt number
H4 EAD Receipt : LIN------0560
I did not do anything to expedite my request.
Posted by NaWin4858
08 Aug 2019 #7
My Experience :

July 3rd - Applied H1, H4 and H4 EAD in Premium
July 11th - Got an RFE on H1 (Requesting Updated Client Letter, Master Service agreement and Speciality Occupation)
July 15th - Got my apppointment letter biometrics for H4 EAD ext.
July 23rd - Gave the biometrics.
July 25th - H4 EAD status got updated online saying "Fingerprint review completed"
July 26th - After fighting and pushing my employer and attorney for 2 weeks they answered my RFE.
Aug 1st - Suprisingly my H4 EAD Status got updated online saying "New Card is Being Produced"(got a status change alert to my phone from USCIS site)
Aug 2nd - Status got updated for H1 and H4 saying they are approved.
Aug 7th - Got the H4 EAD card in mail to my home.

I have not received my H1 and H4 document to my hand yet (Since they go to my attorney first and attorney need to send it to my employer and from my employer they need to mailed to me. My Employer and Attorney take their own time, you can imagine how much i had to fight with them to answer my RFE).

After all the requests/argument/fights with my client/vendor/employer/attorney on their letter formats, duration, documentation. I got my arrpoval on H1, H4 and H4 EAD until my project end date.

Thanks and Good Luck to you all.
Posted by faridabhanu1
08 Aug 2019 #8
I heard a lot , who ever has a RFE on H1 and their H4 and H4 EAD got approved ..
I hope i will get my approval soon..
Posted by Agej
15 Aug 2019 #9
wow. you are so lucky .. ours H4EAD filed on May 28 and July 17'th bio-metric completed. no update after that ..
Posted by Bale
17 Aug 2019 #10
Hello. you are so lucky to get approved. what was your prior I-94 date,is it closer in order to get approval soon
Posted by chilukanand
20 Aug 2019 #11
Buddy you are so fortunate and I'm happy that you didn't have to go through a hassle. Congrats !

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