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H4 EAD case: Approved in 166 days (-63 days more than average)
05 Jul 2019
08 Jul 2019
08 Jul 2019
18 Dec 2019
17 Dec 2019
166 days
22 Aug 2019
18 Dec 2019
Part of H1-B+H4+H4 EAD PP application. H1-B approved on July 22. H4 Biometrics completed July 29.

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Posted by jkkhot9
07 Oct 2019 #1
Hi Chinthunavin, please let us know if you get any updates on the case. TIA
Posted by chinthunavin
07 Oct 2019 #2
@jkkhot9, so far nothing. Raised expedite request on Sep 30. Got denied on Oct 1 as there was no enough evidence for expedite processing per USCIS. Looks like long wait :(
Posted by taran29
14 Oct 2019 #3
Hi , Any update on your case ?
Posted by chinthunavin
14 Oct 2019 #4
Nope. Nothing has moved. Waiting game still continues!
Posted by jkkhot9
22 Oct 2019 #5
I was reading on am22 something website. There they mentioned
Posted by chinthunavin
22 Oct 2019 #6
Losing a job is not a direct criteria per USCIS. However, you can add job loss as a financial loss. Again these expedite requests also become very random. There are no standards. Everything has come to only one factor now, its luck!! If someone gets early, its because of pure luck.
Posted by chinthunavin
29 Oct 2019 #7
Since Friday, approvals are not coming again. California please don't pause processing again.
Posted by arthi85
29 Oct 2019 #8
One June 20 got approved yesterday. She told me herself.
Posted by chinthunavin
29 Oct 2019 #9
@arthi85 Thanks for info. That's Good. As long as they don't pause on processing, we can cross our fingers!
Posted by sna1143
17 Dec 2019 #10
Hi, was your cases processed?

Noticed only 2 of us showing pending on trackitt for July cases and moreover August cases are already in processing.
Posted by chinthunavin
17 Dec 2019 #11
There are couple other than us. very unfortunate is that other July starting dates are approved and we left out. Hope for the best soon!
Posted by sna1143
18 Dec 2019 #12

Hoping to see my approval soon.
Posted by sna1143
18 Dec 2019 #13
Hi, notice uscis website is running slow.

How Did you get your approval confirmation? Via email or phone text?
Posted by chinthunavin
18 Dec 2019 #14
@sna1143 Thanks.

Got updates through text and then check USCIS online. USCIS site is slow from yesterday and takes time to open.

When is your filing/recieving date? Good Luck to you!
Posted by sna1143
18 Dec 2019 #15
Mine is July 08th recurved date.

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