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H4 EAD case: Approved in 100 days (3 days less than average)
new application
28 May 2019
30 May 2019
30 May 2019
05 Sep 2019
05 Sep 2019
100 days
22 Aug 2019
06 Sep 2019
30 May - H4 extension+EAD filed with H1B-pp... 17 June - Biometrics done... 5 sept - EAD shows "new card being produced"

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Posted by alleyus2000
22 Aug 2019 #1
What do you mean by "Senator Expedite Request"?
Posted by SGR1987
23 Aug 2019 #2
Had the senators office send an expedite request with a support letter from my employer...but it was not accepted.
Posted by alleyus2000
03 Sep 2019 #3
Any update? seems applications in June are now getting approvals and we are still pending.
Posted by SGR1987
04 Sep 2019 #4
No update..not even "fingerprint review completed" that many people seem to get. :(
Posted by alleyus2000
06 Sep 2019 #5
congrats! did you H4 status change or only the EAD?
Posted by SGR1987
12 Sep 2019 #6
Only EAD status changed...it went through all the hoops "card being produced", "card mailed", "card picked by USPS", "card delivered"..I got the card today as well as the H4 approval in mail..

H4 status online is still "case received"..I dont think it is properly updating I-539s

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