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H4 EAD case: Approved in 96 days (7 days less than average)
07 Jun 2019
10 Jun 2019
11 Sep 2019
96 days
26 Aug 2019
12 Sep 2019
Went through litigation - Aug 2nd batch.

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Posted by sgollak
12 Sep 2019 #1
Did you file lit8gation
Posted by sgollak
12 Sep 2019 #2
Please help us get an idea on the approval.
Did you file a litigation?
Posted by karz
12 Sep 2019 #3
Yes went through litigation, last night we received an email saying its approved.. waiting for notices, card.
Posted by srshrews
12 Sep 2019 #4
Hello, Congrats. Can you please tell me what date your litigation filed ? I am part of Aug 16th litigation. Checking trends. Thanks
Posted by karz
12 Sep 2019 #5
Aug 2nd
Posted by sgollak
12 Sep 2019 #6
Thank you,It took 40 days then since the day of filing litigation.
Posted by Krishnaloka
12 Sep 2019 #7
What is the process of filing litigation ?
Posted by karz
13 Sep 2019 #8
Posted by h4eadbatch
19 Sep 2019 #9
Hello @karz

First, congrats on your approval.
It has been 2.5months since we filed for my husband's H1 with PP, which has been approved, + my H4 EAD.
I am wondering if it's time for me to join the RN law group litigation.
We do have attorneys in our respective work places, who might be able to do the same. Do you suggest we go with RN instead?

Thanks for your time, in advance.
Posted by karz
19 Sep 2019 #10
@h4eadbatch : it depends, if your ead is expiring in next 45-60 days and about to loose job you can join them.

If you think your work place attorney's are capable of doing litigation's go for it. It looks like RN has some expertise in this field as they have joined hands with a litigation specialist for this purpose.
Posted by H4-Ead11
23 Sep 2019 #11
@Karz: Mine is same case like you..joined litigation on Aug 16th and got approvals on Sep 20th. the status shows "My Case Is Approved" for both H4 and EAD but nothing like card has been ordered etc.
Can you please confirm if you received the card and if yes can u please let me know the timelines.

Thanks & Regards
Posted by karz
23 Sep 2019 #12
After approval received card and notices in a week..
Posted by H4-Ead11
23 Sep 2019 #13
Thanks for the info..just one last thing..did you receive all in one mail or card came later?
Appreciate your help
Posted by karz
23 Sep 2019 #14
It should be a separate mail for h4 approval, h4 ead approval, ead card..i dont have exact timelines.. but should be in a week or less
Posted by srshrews
23 Sep 2019 #15
@H4-Ead11 Can you please share your filing date and service center. I am part of Aug 16th litigation as well and still waiting for approval. When did you receive approval notification ?
Posted by H4-Ead11
23 Sep 2019 #16
05/22 - H1+h4+EAD files together - Nebraska
H4 was returned as filing error. Filed ead again
04/06 - was receipt generated
07/19 - h1 approved
08/16 - joined litigation
09/21 - notified that h4 and and ead approved on 09/20
Hope it helps
Posted by h4eadbatch
23 Sep 2019 #17
Thanks for your reply. Appreciate it. I am considering going with R&N.
Posted by srshrews
23 Sep 2019 #18
H4-Ead11 Thank you
Posted by freetos
27 Sep 2019 #19

Can you please let me know your experience going through the process of of litigation?
Posted by freetos
27 Sep 2019 #20

Just checking, have you initiated the the process with R&N
Posted by Trackperm12
29 Sep 2020 #21
@H4-Ead11 when is your biometric completed on.. or USCIS reused biometric.

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