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H4 EAD case: Approved in 158 days (-55 days more than average)
20 Jun 2019
20 Jun 2019
20 Jun 2019
25 Nov 2019
25 Nov 2019
158 days
15 Sep 2019
25 Nov 2019
Filed h1 h4 h4 ead June 14th H4 RD 17 June H4 EAD RD 20 June Ead status card is produced. H4 status not updated yet

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Posted by alwayslucky
17 Sep 2019 #1
Hello arthi85 any update in your case ? I have been hearing that in multiple cases the USCIS is not updating the status online but approvals are being mailed. Anyways it shall be great to know status of your application. Thanks and hope it gets approved soon !
Posted by gch1f1
19 Sep 2019 #2
Did you request for an expedite?
Posted by arthi85
19 Sep 2019 #3
Hi I submitted a request for expediting by providing documents as evidence . But it was denied yesterday. So I am waiting . Will check the mailbox as well .
Posted by alwayslucky
19 Sep 2019 #4
I dont know but I see a similar trend last month where from Aug 3 to Aug 14th there was a complete stop while post Aug 16th they started approving applications. Well in sept I am still seeing that post Sep 5 they havent approved (based on the comments posted & you never know people many not update even if they are approved). Anyways lets hope that they maintain the timeframe of 90 day approval.
Posted by arthi85
19 Sep 2019 #5
Thanks so much. Some other enters are approving after sep 5 like Nebraska.
Is yours approved?
Posted by alwayslucky
19 Sep 2019 #6
Not yet but I will update and post here the moment I recieve anything. Lets hope that they take up applications and start quickly !
Posted by gch1f1
20 Sep 2019 #7
I requested for an expedite too and i was given the following response on 9/17

Your case is currently being adjudicated. You should receive a notice of action* within 45 days.

*A notice of action may be in a form of Approval Notice, Denial Notice, Transfer Notice , Request for Evidence, or Notice of Intent to Deny.

But did not get any response yet
Posted by gch1f1
20 Sep 2019 #8
I don
Posted by arthi85
20 Sep 2019 #9
What documents did you provide as evidence. Don't lose hope.
Posted by alwayslucky
20 Sep 2019 #10
gch1f1 the response you got is not standard. That means that you should get your within 2-3 days ! Btw did you provide any specific documents ?
Posted by arthi85
20 Sep 2019 #11
My request to expedite was denied after a week. I provided employer letter . Pay stubs. Mortgage reciepts my personal cover letter and submitted through Congress
Posted by arthi85
20 Sep 2019 #12
It seems they are processing your case at the moment that's what it means I think
Posted by gch1f1
20 Sep 2019 #13
I haven
Posted by gch1f1
20 Sep 2019 #14
I again called level 2 officer hoping that they would ask for some docs and at least submit a real expedite sr this time but all she said was that we cannot do anything at this point other than me waiting
Posted by jkkhot9
26 Sep 2019 #15
any updates this week??
Posted by arthi85
27 Sep 2019 #16
My case shows 99 days pending... How is this? Should I take into account business days too.
Posted by arthi85
28 Sep 2019 #17
@jkkhot9 : No. Nothing till now
Posted by chinthunavin
02 Oct 2019 #18
@arthi85, any update on your application? June 14 filing date was approved recently. Did you call USCIS for status?
Posted by arthi85
02 Oct 2019 #19
@chinthunavin : I just spoke now and that lady told me the same stuff in the website.... Not any help.. I don't know what they doing
Posted by chinthunavin
02 Oct 2019 #20
@arthi85, Atleast you took the initiative. Thats good for you and whole group. we spoke to tier 2 officer and not much use. But all of our calls will be recorded and info will be passed to processing officers. one positive news is 14th June case got approved sep 27. Let's hope for good news.
Posted by arthi85
10 Oct 2019 #21
raised a second expedite request yesterday and got the following response

We regret to inform you that we cannot grant your request for expedited processing of your I-765 at this time.

Your case is currently being adjudicated. You should receive a notice of action* within 45 days.
Posted by jkkhot9
10 Oct 2019 #22
thank you @arthi85 for updating us. hopefully you get your EAD soon.
Posted by alwayslucky
10 Oct 2019 #23
Looks like they are processing 1 application per day since some 17 June application got approved on 28 Sep. one more on 4 Oct and one more on Oct 8th. With this speed, our EAD cards will take 1 yr :)
Posted by alwayslucky
10 Oct 2019 #24
Sorry that was a wrong statement. From Sep 4th till Sep 27th the had completely stopped processing any new applications post dates June 10th. (possibly they were clearing backlog) Only from Oct 1 they started processing applications post June 11th. Looks like so far they did clear 1 week (june 1o to june 17th) in oct 1st week. Lets see if they maintain the same speed this week.
Posted by Rishi1929
10 Oct 2019 #25
My EAD application received date is June 13th and I'm still waiting for an update. It's been almost 120 days and they are not touching my case.
Posted by alwayslucky
10 Oct 2019 #26
@Rishi1929 was it attached with H1 renewal? or standalone? When was fingerprint review completed?
Posted by Rishi1929
10 Oct 2019 #27
Posted by alwayslucky
10 Oct 2019 #28
@Rishi1929 then thats a separate queue. Ex: H4 EAD standalone queue separate. H4 EAD attached with H1 H4 EAD queue separate. H4 and H4 EAD tied to H1 renewals is on 18th June as of now (i mean the latest application processed). USCIS sorts all the applications by form type and takes them by notice date. First in first out.
just an FYI .. for CSC
Standalone EAD range is 4 to 6 months
H4 EAD with H4 range is 3.5 to 5.5 months

In that context, you should get yours anytime soon.
Posted by Rishi1929
10 Oct 2019 #29
Thanks for the useful information.
Posted by chinthunavin
10 Oct 2019 #30
One June 13 H4+H4 EAD renewal case approved yesterday from California. Good to know California become active again.
Posted by chinthunavin
11 Oct 2019 #31
One June 19 H4 EAD renewal case approved on Oct 4th and got EAD card from California. Hoping to hear cases close to this date soon!!
Posted by arthi85
11 Oct 2019 #32
My reciept date of h4 is June 17th whereas ead is June 20th.. I am thinking this is y it's delaying for me
. Not sure though.. will this affect the processing times.. your opinions are welcome
Posted by chinthunavin
11 Oct 2019 #33
This is not a issue I think. If so, then people before and after you, should have got approvals by now. Its just a California center processing thats getting late in general. As you mentioned, your case is with officer and should get approval soon.
Posted by alwayslucky
11 Oct 2019 #34
@arthi85 since your H4 EAD is tied up with H4 renewal it shall go in H4 queue where the date 17 June is already overdue now! Moreover, the response you got is only received when the case is taken up for approval. You must get it in a day or two.

Honestly, I can understand the frustration since its been 110 days + and CSC is simply delaying it !
Posted by arthi85
11 Oct 2019 #35
I called today and found out that fingerprint processing was complete on 23 august.. but not updated on site..
Yea I know. Hope all of ours come soon.
Btw how did you come to know h4 h4 ead seperate queue.. just curious.
Posted by alwayslucky
11 Oct 2019 #36
@arthi85 I had read about how they process the applications. I think it was on USCIS site and I verified it based on the prior data I fetched from trackitt and redbus etc. My friend who has a similar date got approved last Friday. But anyways you must receive your approval within 10 business days of that request date. Normally its done in 5 days. Hope to see the approvals soon.
Posted by arthi85
12 Oct 2019 #37
I had emailed the lady who worked in congress office USCIS response. She called me and said don't raise more expedites as it may delay the processing by causing the USCIS officials to get overwhelmed..
Now I'm scared
Posted by arthi85
12 Oct 2019 #38
Anyway just FYI please refrain from following up with USCIS too much
Posted by alwayslucky
14 Oct 2019 #39
@arthi85 did USCIS tell you that they are processing June 20th applications? btw one application with the same dates as yours was approved on Oct 4th. I am damn sure that you shall get it in this week!

@chinthunavin - did you hear any approvals for Jun 19th yet? I did ask June 19th applicants here but did not get a reply. I wish that they must have got it and forgotten to update :)
Posted by arthi85
14 Oct 2019 #40
They didn't tell me directly. But mentioned in the email that my case is currently being adjudicated. I did enough research on what that means ..
Posted by arthi85
14 Oct 2019 #41
The Congress office told me that they are making or made decision on my case and not call or raise anymore requests... I'm really anxious..
Would you know alwayslucky what times USCIS updates the case status ?
Posted by chinthunavin
14 Oct 2019 #42
@alwayslucky I saw RD June 19th renewal approval in one of FB groups not here.
Posted by arthi85
14 Oct 2019 #43
I too saw the same in the FB group
Posted by chinthunavin
14 Oct 2019 #44
@always lucky, In this Trackitt, arthi85, you, jkkhot9 and myself are active than others. May be its because previous dates than arthi85 got approvals and our dates are nearer than others. always thinking positively to keep spirits up. Having big hopes this week for arthi85 & you get approvals this week so approvals move forward.
Posted by alwayslucky
14 Oct 2019 #45
@arthi85, as I had said your case, is almost done and you shall get approval tomorrow (today being Columbus Day off) since the response you have is only given when case is taken up.

@chinthunavin you provide valuable insights and the 19th getting approved is a good sign. I hope this week the wait finally gets over.
Posted by arthi85
14 Oct 2019 #46
Thanks alwayslucky .. feeling much better now. Good luck to all of us
Posted by jkkhot9
14 Oct 2019 #47
Apologies for over thinking. I checked California USCIS and they are open. Hopefully they work on some applications today... not sure if I am thinking in the right direction.
Posted by alwayslucky
14 Oct 2019 #48
@jkkhot you are awesome !! Let's hope to see something. And no apologies here dude as I know time had run out like crazy 110+ days now.
As of now since the "doers" are not heading in the right direction how the hell are we supposed to head into the right one?
Posted by shahprincea
15 Oct 2019 #49
Check this out this say 24 July https://www.am22tech.com/uscis/ead-processing-time/
Posted by arthi85
15 Oct 2019 #50
Thanks shahprinceea . I guess the average time is around 4 months for most applications at CSC . Fastest time is 2 .5 months . Slowest is 5 .
Posted by alwayslucky
16 Oct 2019 #51
Looks like as of Oct 11th (last week) they had processed applications dated Jun 19th with few pending. Nothing is being done for June 20th yet ! Will have to see what happens this week.
Posted by jkkhot9
16 Oct 2019 #52
this wait is terrible. i feel they are processing only 2 dates per week.. they haven't moved any further looks like. they are stuck with june 18 since last week. this is the 2nd week nd no progress...i wish I hd know this nd started my processing in jan '19
Posted by alwayslucky
16 Oct 2019 #53
@jkkhot9 many are in the same boat. All this started because of fingerprinting post March 22nd. Earlier H1 + H4 + H4 EAD under premium would come in 2 weeks. Many have lost jobs. USCIS always said they are under staffed and on top of this they added finger printing which took away Premium for H4 EAD ! and to make the matter worse they had completely stopped in Sep which added month delay !

90% of May applications came within 90 days ! For many in June its already 120 + days already !
Posted by jkkhot9
16 Oct 2019 #54
I agree with you @alwayslucky. It
Posted by chinthunavin
16 Oct 2019 #55
Even Nebraska center process applications with 120 days and they process lot of applications unlike California. Let's wait for Big Thursday & Friday!!
Posted by VV19
16 Oct 2019 #56
My case was submitted on Jun10 along with H1 in premium. Finger printing completed on 7/3 but still waiting for approval.
Posted by arthi85
16 Oct 2019 #57
My finger print was completed on aug 23 Rd.. I found out by calling USCIS it has not updated on the site.
Posted by alwayslucky
16 Oct 2019 #58
@chinthunavin thats true. U heard Vermont June 20th also got approved. CSC is messed up now since Sep. They do have a lot of applications and they did approve a few on June 19th. Will have to see what happened this week.

Also @VV19 is there any change since your last approval? Change of employer etc? I have seen cases approved in 110-120 days where there was no change etc.

@arthi85 I am sure that as soon as they start June 20th you shall get it. I also saw a June 19th case which was taken up to expedite on Oct 1st and its still the same.

Overall detaching H4 EAD from H1 due to fingerprinting has caused a huge mess and perhaps this is what they intend too !!!
Posted by VV19
16 Oct 2019 #59
No changes on our side
Posted by alwayslucky
16 Oct 2019 #60
@VV19 have you tried to open an Expedite request? Honestly, I am seeing some June 19th applications approved on Oct 11th.
Posted by chinthunavin
16 Oct 2019 #61
@VV19 one of the applications in Trackitt with filing date June 10 (medDevGuy) was processed on Sep 5 though they got an RFE. Did you try to contact USCIS through call or expedite request?
Posted by VV19
16 Oct 2019 #62
Yes, we called them and they said that case is being processed. Did not try expedite options with any other means.
Posted by arthi85
16 Oct 2019 #63
@vv19 : did they tell any timeframe
Posted by arthi85
17 Oct 2019 #64
Hi all sorry for writing this at this hour. But a case with recieved date 21 June was approved .
I am really worried about my case now. I feel raising the expedite may have unknowingly delayed it
I don't know what to do. It seems cases before and after me are approved.
Posted by alwayslucky
17 Oct 2019 #65
@arthi85 I know that 2 applications got approved yesterday dated June 19th and one for June 20th. Others are still pending. Where did you see June 21st application being approved? So you are almost there may be a day or two max but this week for SURE !

It takes 10 business days to get approved in your situation. Has it been 10 days since you got that 45 days message?

I guess that fearing the delays and mess many got alerted and applications have started flowing in ahead of time. Hence the influx and hence the delay ..
Posted by chinthunavin
17 Oct 2019 #66
@arthi85 I don't think expedite requests will delay it. We saw earlier cases like June 13 approving on oct 10 and June 19 application approving on oct 4th. So, no need to worry. couple of days here and there is normal. You will get it soon. lets hope for best.

@alwayslucky June 21st approved yesterday in one of facebook groups. I enquired whether it is applied with H1 and renewal. They said its approved with H1 but didnt reply for renewal or not. Anyways its a good sign that applications are moving ahead. my guess is you should also get it by this weekend. lets hope for best.

And there are two applications belong to California who applied in June are in FB group. I asked them to include their case in trackitt. Got positive response from them. Again, its uptp them to put it in trackitt or not.
Posted by arthi85
17 Oct 2019 #67
Thanks guys.. I really freaked out yesterday night..
No it has not been 10 business day. I applied for expedite on 8th and got response on 9th. So maybe should get by next week.
Posted by shahprincea
17 Oct 2019 #68
Guys how to request for the expedition of your application. My wife applied on Jun 26th and she will be out of job by Nov 7 th of H4 EAD does not come through.
Posted by chinthunavin
17 Oct 2019 #69
@shahprincea does your wife case added to trackitt H4-EAD? if not, can you please add it? It will be useful information for others as well as you to track.

Call 1-800-375-5283 and Procedure : Press 1
Posted by jkkhot9
17 Oct 2019 #70
I have a question. Mine is H4+H4EAD filled with H1B. now, shall I look for I-539 processing times or I-765 (H4EAD) processing times. Coz there current processing times are different. can someone please help. thanks!
Posted by shahprincea
17 Oct 2019 #71
I called to expedite the case (due to financial hardship). They gave me some number and ask me to wait till Oct 26th not sure what does that mean. Is there any other site to check or its a ticket number for reference.
Posted by jkkhot9
17 Oct 2019 #72
for my previous question- i meant receipt date not processing times.
Posted by chinthunavin
17 Oct 2019 #73
@jkkhot9, I think we have to refer I-539 processing time. Technically, H4 needs to be approved before H4-EAD process. But you never know, its USCIS.
Posted by alwayslucky
17 Oct 2019 #74
@chinthunavin @jkkhot - they will go by receipt number! Whichever comes first. If your H4 comes first they will pick it and process your H4EAD. While if H4EAD comes first they will then pick H4 and approve both together. For now H4 I-539 time is 3.5 to 5.5 months hence your H4 Reciept (I-539 will be picked) and then H4 EAD and will be processed together.
Posted by arthi85
17 Oct 2019 #75
Shahprinceea they must have given you a reference no. I got one too .What did they tell you when you were asked to wait till 26th. You will get a response via email using this reference no

@alwayslucky.. is it? Then my h4 has reciept date 17 June and ead June 20.. either ways I have completed 4 months
What you say makes sense. Have to wait and watch..
Posted by chinthunavin
18 Oct 2019 #76
California is working but still working slowly and randomly. Just want to share one of June 25 H4-EAD renewal got approval on October 16. Applicant (ksh2) is in Trackitt and updated his/her status. Few of you are not watching that case, so thought will update here.
Posted by arthi85
22 Oct 2019 #77
Hi guys.. I have a question. Is there any difference between. Applying h1 h4 h4 h4 ead concurrently in premium and filing all in regular and converting h1 to premium after a short while.
Sorry this may sound like a silly q.
Posted by chinthunavin
22 Oct 2019 #78
Based on all the data I have been following about H4-EAD, there is no difference for H4-EAD. Only couple of cases had that luck i.e. when converting H1 to premium later, H4-EAD got approved.
Posted by arthi85
22 Oct 2019 #79
thanks so much
Posted by arthi85
22 Oct 2019 #80
Another June 24 approved on 19 October
Posted by arthi85
22 Oct 2019 #81
By ipsum
Posted by chinthunavin
22 Oct 2019 #82
@arthi85 Did you get June 24 approval information from FB group? what is ipsum?
Posted by arthi85
22 Oct 2019 #83
Sorry.. I saw it in this ead tracker by a user names ipsum
June 24 approved 19noct
Posted by chinthunavin
22 Oct 2019 #84
@arthi85 Please ignore previous message. I got it. Thanks. Good to know approvals r coming. But coming in such a slow and random pace hurts us.
Posted by arthi85
22 Oct 2019 #85
Yes I agree . Today my manager let me know he can wait only till November for me.. am so.super stressed because it's a full time job
Posted by arthi85
22 Oct 2019 #86
It's like we are almost there but they are hiding it
Posted by chinthunavin
22 Oct 2019 #87
I understand how difficult it is being in same boat. How difficult it will be for USCIS to sort applications based on dates received and process it. This random process is killing a lot.
Posted by arthi85
22 Oct 2019 #88
Yes they can easily do 100 applications per day.. why do they play with people's lives... It's so crazy
Posted by arthi85
22 Oct 2019 #89
Does USCIS start processing applications only after biometrics date?
Posted by alwayslucky
23 Oct 2019 #90
@arthi85 that may not be true because my friend got his H4 and H4 EAD dated June 17th for both and fingerprint done at Aug 21st.

But whatever is going on now is literally ridiculous and there is no reason to delay applications so long. Its almost 125 days + and many are stuck. It was never so bad with CSC !
Posted by alwayslucky
23 Oct 2019 #91
Moreover, I see that applications with the same & later Receipt Date and later fingerprint date completion as mine have been approved. They are really going by their way and guesswork will only frustrate us.
Posted by arthi85
23 Oct 2019 #92
Really they are playing with our lives
My manager who was kind enough to wait said he can't wait no more than November..
Can't help not feeling anxious or cry..
We are so at their mercy..
Posted by alwayslucky
23 Oct 2019 #93
@arthi85 very sorry to hear about the scenario. We are in the same boat. Our attorney was given documents by March 18th but he filed after 3 months inspite of weekly followups. On Aug 8 the job was lost ! and mortgage childcare etc doesn't stop!

Cant help! Indeed we are at mercy of employer, attorney, and these guys. That's the ONLY perk one gets being a "HIGHLY SKILLED" immigrant.
Posted by alwayslucky
23 Oct 2019 #94
@arthi85 I am very positive that you shall be getting yours approved within a day or two. I think the approvals are with the date range from June 20 to June 26 now! Have shown patience till now its a little more time now.

Also about job etc if we are "Highly Skilled" then there will always be opportunities! Good luck to you and I am sure within a week or two the approvals will be there for those stuck in these dates !
Posted by chinthunavin
23 Oct 2019 #95
Last 2 days no approvals from CSC again. our situations are pathetic. Hope things change at the end of this week.
Posted by chinthunavin
23 Oct 2019 #96
Happy to one approval yesterday. Now its time for arthi85 and alwayslucky approvals and process to continue :)
Posted by jkkhot9
24 Oct 2019 #97
guys I got my approval today. USCIS status online- card is being processed
Posted by alwayslucky
24 Oct 2019 #98
@jkkhot9 Congrats maan! Happy to hear from you. Looks like today was a big day. Looks like June last week's applications are cleared too!
Posted by abyss1
24 Oct 2019 #99
I am stuck as well.... RD 06/26, new EAD + H4 extension, H1B approved in pp.... no new updates :( :(
Posted by arthi85
24 Oct 2019 #100
Hi abyss1 is your center California?
Posted by abyss1
24 Oct 2019 #101
@arthi85 - yes, its California....
Posted by abyss1
24 Oct 2019 #102
Does anyone know whether these approval notices go to the lawyer or come directly to the petitioner?? Many people are reporting glitches in online status, so not sure how they are getting informed about approvals.
Posted by alwayslucky
25 Oct 2019 #103
@abyss1 the approvals and card go to the address mentioned in the I-765 Receipt. Also, it had happened in one case where approval was sent a week earlier while the website was never updated.
Posted by arthi85
25 Oct 2019 #104
Sometimes I feel it went to attorney and they didn't look at it but of course that's not possible ..
Well time to hit the mailbox.tomorrow....
Posted by chinthunavin
25 Oct 2019 #105
@arthi85 what message is showing in your status? Mine is showing as "Expedite request Denied message"
Posted by alwayslucky
25 Oct 2019 #106
@chinthunavin did you expedite yours ?
Posted by arthi85
25 Oct 2019 #107
Yes I had expedited mine in September. So on Sept 19 they updated my case status to expedite denied 9n 19/9...
I expedited via congress
Posted by chinthunavin
25 Oct 2019 #108
@alwayslucky Yep, I did it last week of September too. They denied it for lack of evidence. Ofcourse, we didnt have evidence other than employment letter.
Posted by chinthunavin
25 Oct 2019 #109
USCIS is very random. for some people, they just do it without asking docs. I think luck should play role.
Posted by arthi85
25 Oct 2019 #110
Yes all.inhad was employment letter and financial evidence to show financial difficulties.obviously that didn't work. But second time they told me wait for 45 days so far it has been 16 days... Nothing yet... Am trying to forget my woes in making Diwali sweets and snacks.
Happy Diwali to you all.
Posted by alwayslucky
25 Oct 2019 #111
Thank you and Happy Diwali to all !
Posted by chinthunavin
25 Oct 2019 #112
Happy Diwali to everyone!
Posted by arthi85
28 Oct 2019 #113
The Congress office inquired on my behalf.. and USCIS replied back with same letter dated today though.. but the information is the same expedite denied. I did not raise any 3rd expedite. Not sure what this means now. They must be irritated with me.
Posted by chinthunavin
28 Oct 2019 #114
when did congress office inquire? If its old inquiry and USCIS is replying now with the same letter, then it should not have any issue. Because USCIS know it as old inquiry. Things are nearby for your dates.
Posted by arthi85
28 Oct 2019 #115
They inquired the friday before this and got response today. I know it's my old letter because they mentioned we are doing cases in April 20 and now it's may 15 something.
Posted by chinthunavin
28 Oct 2019 #116
@arthi85, when we sent expedite request through congress, USCIS emailed to congress a email saying we need a valid reasons to expedite such as 1. medical, 2. financial loss, 3. government relations or 4. USCIS error. It is a standard letter from USCIS to Congress which was forwarded to us from Congress.

Did you get a letter directly from USCIS in addition to email to congress? it is little confusing. so, trying to understand. And again, this could be random and different for each applicant. Let's pray for good things to happen.
Posted by arthi85
28 Oct 2019 #117
Chinthunavin on Sept 11 our attorney reached out to congress and they sent all docs to USCIS and USCIS emailed congress with a letter saying they denied expedite. Congress made another inquiry on 19 oct a Friday I think and USCIS emailed them with the same letter dated today.

The email to congress was from
Congressional Supervisor |California Service Center
U.S. Citizenship & Immigration Services (USCIS) |.
The contents of both letters are the same.
The only direct response I got from uscis was my case will be adjudicated in 45 days. I never raised another expedite to USCIS. It is confusing for me as well.
Posted by chinthunavin
28 Oct 2019 #118
Got it.
Posted by H4EADJULY
28 Oct 2019 #119
Now processing time for I-765 has moved to 4.5 to 6.5 months
Posted by arthi85
29 Oct 2019 #120
Yes I saw now and h4 has moved from 4 ton6 months and they backdated the reciept date.. they are doing this by purpose...
Posted by chinthunavin
31 Oct 2019 #121
No Halloween treat for us...its always trick :)
Posted by arthi85
31 Oct 2019 #122
Yea looks like not much approvals this week....
Posted by chinthunavin
31 Oct 2019 #123
yep, I heard only one that you said about June 20. After that nothing. Hopefully, today after 3:30 pm, approvals should flow :)

And also, people should update here. They forget to update in Trackitt.

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