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H4 EAD case: Approved in 180 days (-77 days more than average)
03 Jul 2019
12 Jul 2019
12 Jul 2019
30 Dec 2019
03 Jan 2020
180 days
09 Nov 2019
06 Jan 2020

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Posted by kourkk
11 Nov 2019 #1
Any updates on your application? I have filed on July 11th with H1B premium processing so I am trying to see whether they have processed for people before me.
Posted by randomgod77
11 Nov 2019 #2
Hi, my spouse did premium processing and got his H1B approval, but my H4 and H4Ead are still pending, hoping to get it soon :(
Posted by chinthunavin
18 Nov 2019 #3
Any updates on your case? June end applications on Trackitt are all approved...you are in next in the queue...
Posted by kourkk
18 Nov 2019 #4
@chinthunavin my application was filed on 10th July that got approved and card is being shipped. It was renewal of H4 EAd. It was filed along with H1
Posted by chinthunavin
18 Nov 2019 #5
Congratulations!! So kourkk and randomgod27 is same right? just got confused. May I know when was it approved? And if you dont mind, can you please update in the application status as "approved". Thanks alot!
Posted by kourkk
18 Nov 2019 #6
No I dint add in my case in trackkit. I was following this case and saw your comment so I thought it might help u. And it got approved on 12th November
Posted by chinthunavin
18 Nov 2019 #7
@kourkk, you are awesome. Thanks for extended help. congratulations again.
Posted by chinthunavin
18 Nov 2019 #8
@kourkk, when was it approved, i mean date?
Posted by kourkk
18 Nov 2019 #9
12th November
Posted by randomgod77
25 Nov 2019 #10

I am still waiting for approval, I applied for my h4 and h4ead renewal together with H1B (premium) and no changes in status so far. Completed my biometrics on Aug 1st, 2019.
Posted by garimag
26 Nov 2019 #11
yes same here,my RD is July 24th and I did my biommetrics on august 6th.

I saw cases on my date getting approved already. But not mine. Raised the expedite request 2 times both denied.
Posted by chinthunavin
04 Dec 2019 #12
am still waiting. Any news?
Posted by randomgod77
04 Dec 2019 #13
Nope, waiting game continues
Posted by chinthunavin
09 Dec 2019 #14
Hopefully today or tomorrow!!
Posted by chinthunavin
17 Dec 2019 #15
My application also starts WAC192415**** similar to yours and its unfortunate we are the ones still waiting out of July beginning cases :(
Let me know if there is any update.
Posted by EADawait
19 Dec 2019 #16
Any Luck?
Posted by randomgod77
22 Dec 2019 #17
Nope, still waiting..I am hoping may be by January 15th..it will be 7.5 months then
Posted by justdoit12345
30 Dec 2019 #18
Any updates?? please let us know
Posted by randomgod77
31 Dec 2019 #19
Nope, still waiting
Posted by EADawait
06 Jan 2020 #20

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