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H4 EAD case: Approved in 240 days (-139 days more than average)
new application
22 Jan 2020
24 Jan 2020
28 Jan 2020
09 Jul 2020
RFE on H4 COS. Maintenance of Student status
23 Jul 2020
18 Sep 2020
15 Sep 2020
23 Sep 2020
240 days
02 Jul 2020
24 Sep 2020
Applied for H4 COS and H4-EAD. Card production date: 10/15/2020 H4 EAD Approval- 10/18/2020 H4 COS Approved- 10/18/2020

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Posted by humdum
16 Sep 2020 #1
Hi, So this is approved right? If so, please update the status.
Posted by arsan6
24 Sep 2020 #2
hey, congrats. can you let us know if H4 EAD and H4 COS approved on same date (10/18/2020) so there is no employment gap in between?
Posted by Samtri91
24 Sep 2020 #3
Thanks! H4 EAD status changed to "Card is being produced" on Sept 15, but no changes to H4 on that day. H4 and H4 EAD status changed to Approved on 10/18. H4 has to be approved before EAD approval, so I think that the update to case status website might be out of order.
My F1 OPT expired on July 16, so was on temporary suspension until I received my card on 9/23.
Posted by kthanksbye
24 Sep 2020 #4
When did you give your Biometrics though?
Posted by Samtri91
24 Sep 2020 #5
Biometrics was completed on 2/22/2020
Posted by arsan6
24 Sep 2020 #6
thanks for the quick response. does it mean start date on H4 EAD is 10/18 same as the date on when H4 COS got approved??
Posted by Samtri91
24 Sep 2020 #7
No, start date on EAD is 10/15 when it was sent for production. I am still waiting for the approval notices for H4 and H4 EAD
Posted by h1bh4i485
07 Oct 2020 #8
Is this a typical processing time for H4 COS + H4 EAD filing together?
I filed mine (H4 COS + EAD) on Aug 1, so it will be mid next year to get my EAD?
Posted by Samtri91
07 Oct 2020 #9
I am sure if it is typical for COS to take this long. But it definitely takes longer. We also got RFE so that might also be a reason for delay. California timelines are insane for COS. So my attorney filed expedite request on H4 EAD, even though H4 wasn't approved and I feel that might have helped to trigger H4 processing. Maybe you can try to expedite EAD.
Posted by h1bh4i485
07 Oct 2020 #10
I will talk to my attorney about expediting. Thanks for the response.
Posted by sidhi
29 Oct 2020 #11
@Santri91 - when did you get your card? Does USCIS give tracking ID? How many days after card mailed did you get it?
Posted by Samtri91
29 Oct 2020 #12
Hey @sidhi.

I got card delivered on Sept 24th. It was mailed on 18th Sept. I chatted with a live agent via Emma to get the tracking number. USPS didn't collect the card until 21st Sept.
Posted by datastore89
23 Feb 2021 #13
Hi, what was the reason for your rfe and what was your response?

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