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H4 EAD case: Approved in 235 days (-132 days more than average)
22 Oct 2020
29 Oct 2020
29 Dec 2020
14 Jun 2021
23 Jun 2021
235 days
01 Mar 2021
24 Jun 2021

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Posted by srikumar
02 Mar 2021 #1
Is this standalone H4 EAd application?
Posted by 140EADGC
08 Mar 2021 #2
Hi, Just wondering if you received your H4EAD. Thanks!
Posted by givemagc
28 Mar 2021 #3
not yet received. this is a standalone application.
Posted by skumarusm17
14 Apr 2021 #4
Hi, is your case approved?
Posted by givemagc
03 May 2021 #5
not yet
Posted by Nivg
15 Jun 2021 #6
Congrats! Did you expedite?
Posted by givemagc
15 Jun 2021 #7
I tried to expedite two times. Both were denied saying case processing was within USCIS timeline (from the date of receipt notice).

I also went through local congressman, USCIS again denied saying the same reason.

My receipt date was Dec 29th 2020, looks like it is taking 6-7 months at Vermont Center. Good luck everyone!
Posted by Nivg
15 Jun 2021 #8
Waiting for mine since September at Vermont unfortunately. Glad yours came through!
Posted by SRG1234
15 Jun 2021 #9
What is your EAD Expiry Date?
Posted by ash0818
18 Jun 2021 #10
May I know, when did you complete biometrics?
Posted by ash0818
18 Jun 2021 #11
May I know, when did you complete biometrics?
Posted by givemagc
24 Jun 2021 #12
There was no biometrics done for me

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