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H4 EAD case: Approved in 223 days (-122 days more than average)
29 Sep 2020
01 Oct 2020
06 Oct 2020
10 May 2021
10 May 2021
223 days
10 May 2021
10 May 2021
10 May 2021
Biometrics received for May 4th,2020, walked in on April 22 and submitted - Portland ASC. Submitted expedite request 3 times, rejected immediately. Card production - 5/10 No changes to H4 yet.

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Posted by weeyes
10 May 2021 #1
Congrats. But I am a bit confused. Do you mean H4 EAd is approved but H4 is not? I always thought for H4 EAD to be approved H4 needs to be approved too. Is that not the case?
Posted by Samtri91
11 May 2021 #2
Yes, correct. Status changed to card being produced for H4 EAD, but no changes to H4 yet. I know H4 has to be approved before EAD approval, so maybe the status updates are not synced.
Posted by Samtri91
11 May 2021 #3
H4 and EAD status changed to approved today.

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