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H4 EAD case: Approved in 371 days (-268 days more than average)
01 Apr 2021
02 Apr 2021
24 Apr 2021
07 Apr 2022
371 days
18 Aug 2021
15 Apr 2022
Concurrent filing H4 extension and EAD.

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Posted by pnm21
04 Oct 2021 #1
May I please know if your receipt number is in series as WAC219008****
as I series being approved now are of WAC2190037***.My RD IS April 29 2021.Hopefully April cases get approved soon.
Posted by Gari05
04 Oct 2021 #2
Sure, my receipt number is WAC2190070***
Although i m sure USCIS is going in an order. Hopefully we get the approval soon.
Posted by Gari05
04 Oct 2021 #3
Sorry i meant i m not sure USCIS is following any order.
Posted by NPEAD
04 Oct 2021 #4
Mine too series WAC2190076****, RD April 14, still waiting.
Posted by hellolwl
06 Oct 2021 #5
Mine is WAC2190075***, RD April 13, still waiting.
Posted by pnm21
11 Oct 2021 #6
Any updates ? I see April 30 case being approved and one of April 19... cases are randomly getting approved... 21900 series few untill 2190042***, but after that no moveent at all. If so is the case, not sure if we will get approval this year.... this wait is tiresome.....
Posted by Gari05
11 Oct 2021 #7
No it is same. There is no particular order with USCIS they are also approving feb cases right now so who knows.
Hopefully in a month or 2.
Posted by pnm21
21 Oct 2021 #8
Any updates on any of your cases..
Any idea of what series is being approved at present?
Processing time at CSC is 8.5 to 14.5 months. Wondering what to expect?
Posted by Gari05
21 Oct 2021 #9
Nothing yet. I believe March cases are getting approved right now but i have also seen some jan cases and some Apr. There is a lot of randomness to it and i honestly do not know what to expect.
Posted by NPEAD
21 Oct 2021 #10
Mine got approved on Oct 19th. EAD status changed to card produced.
Series WAC2190076****, RD April 14, CSC. H4 went with H1 in March , H1 approved in March 2021 itself and H4 approved in Sep 2021.
Posted by hellolwl
21 Oct 2021 #11
No update, still waiting.
Posted by pnm21
23 Oct 2021 #12
Gari05- any updates on your case? Your receipt number is WAC2190070... series, WAC2190075.. & WAC2190076.. series (as mentioned by NPEAD & hellowl) are approved. I guess they are going by notice date? I am gettig tired of waiting for approvals.Hope you get yours soon... all the best...
Posted by pnm21
23 Oct 2021 #13
Congratulations NPEAD & hellowl!!
Posted by Gari05
23 Oct 2021 #14
Mine is still same. No update
Posted by d1302
16 Nov 2021 #15
any update?
Posted by d1302
16 Nov 2021 #16
any update?
Posted by Gari05
18 Nov 2021 #17
Nothing as of today.
Posted by krishh94
15 Dec 2021 #18

Any Update ,My RD is April 05,2021
Posted by krishh94
04 Jan 2022 #19
Any update..?
Posted by Second
16 Apr 2022 #20
Have you received you EAD? When did you get h4 approved?
Posted by mhh11
18 Apr 2022 #21
I am curious why did USCIS take more than 1 year ? By March 15th, you would have been eligible to raise request to check the case status ?
Posted by Second
18 Apr 2022 #22
I did raise service ticket but USCiS got back to me as they cannot provide a processing time.

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