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H4 EAD case: Approved in 148 days (-45 days more than average)
02 Sep 2021
02 Sep 2021
02 Sep 2021
28 Jan 2022
31 Jan 2022
04 Feb 2022
148 days
05 Nov 2021
04 Feb 2022

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Posted by Pixel26
08 Jan 2022 #1

Is there any update to your case?
Posted by abhitutun
11 Jan 2022 #2
No update yet
Posted by vrdkm
01 Feb 2022 #3
Any update on your case?
Posted by vrdkm
02 Feb 2022 #4
Any update on your case?
Posted by abhitutun
04 Feb 2022 #5
Approved. Received card today. I suggest pls call USCIS and request to expedite. It helped for me.
Posted by Ananya1995
04 Feb 2022 #6
What all documents did you provide to support expedite request? How many days before expiry did you start expedite?
Posted by Raveen1234
04 Feb 2022 #7
Congratulations, can you please give us more details on expedite req. Was it for a medical worker.
Posted by abhitutun
05 Feb 2022 #8
No need to submit any document for expedite request. Just call them and state the reason for expediting (financial loss or humanitarian, etc.). No, it's not medical worker. Call them if your case is pending for more than 120 days.
Posted by santham3000
05 Feb 2022 #9
Congrats, is your H4 approved before you expedite the EAD? My H4 is not approved yet, can I call and expedite the EAD process?
Posted by H4ead431
05 Feb 2022 #10
Hi, How long did it take in status change to approval after expedite approval ? I called USCIS and got the email in on week that this time we have accommodated your case is under expedited review now. Nothing after that. I am also not sure if this is the standard email for approval. Also did you expedite H4 extension as well?
Posted by Permnew0214
07 Feb 2022 #11
@ Niharikabedi73 - Can you please share your experience a bit:
What is the Date of your petition and when you approached USCIS for Expedite and when you have received the email which you are mentioning ?

What detailed reason you have provided to the officer ?
Is it with Nebraska ?

Kindly share your experience.
Posted by Raveen1234
08 Feb 2022 #12
@abhitutun, can you share your experience. My expedite request was denied today without asking for docs, that was our 2nd attempt for the same.
Posted by Raveen1234
08 Feb 2022 #13
Did they accept your expedite request. Or did they reject expedite req but approved your EAD.
Posted by vrdkm
08 Feb 2022 #14
Raveen1234: what is your received date?
Posted by Raveen1234
08 Feb 2022 #15
It's 09/10,
Posted by srimus
24 Feb 2022 #16
when is h4 approved and when did you receive hard copy of approval?

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