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Concurrent I-130 / I-485 case: Approved in 332 days (-137 days more than average)
U.S. Citizen
B visa
26 Feb 2016
29 Feb 2016
29 Feb 2016
18 Mar 2016
06 Apr 2016
04 Nov 2016
Missing Birth Certificate
20 Jan 2017
22 Apr 2016
56 days
03 Nov 2016
Newark, NJ
23 Jan 2017
23 Jan 2017
332 days
23 Jan 2017
25 Mar 2016
23 Jan 2017
Biometrics completed on 04/06/16 AP document was produced on 04/22/16 Interview Notice date received on 09/27/16 Interview scheduled for 11/03/16

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Posted by st167
14 Apr 2016 #1
Hello Sajid, Did you get an email or letter indicating case transferred to Nebraska ?
Posted by sajid
14 Apr 2016 #2
Hi st167, I have not received any email or letter yet or online case update since the biometrics appt on Apr 6 which was completed.
Posted by binder
12 Jan 2017 #3
hi sajid,
I see that your parents had an interview. Is the case still pending?
Posted by sajid
23 Jan 2017 #4
Hi Binder,
Sorry for the delayed response. My parents status got updated today (Card/ Document Production). First interview on 11/3 went fine, except that we were missing birth certificate, so the RFE for birth certificate. Once the required documents were submitted on Jan 20, 2017, it got approved.
Posted by binder
24 Jan 2017 #5
Congratulations. You didnt submit the birth certificate along with application. If so, you didnt get RFE before the interview was scheduled for birth certificate.
Posted by sajid
25 Jan 2017 #6
Thanks binder. I didnt submit the birth certificate along with the application. No RFE before the interview, however was asked during the interview, and the RFE followed after the interview.
Posted by binder
30 Jan 2017 #7
Hello again Sajid,
Could you please post your parents interview experience. Appreciate in advance.
Posted by binder
01 Feb 2017 #8
Also did you submit affidavit(s) for birth certificate for your parents or did you also had to get Non-Availability of birth certificate too. Please let me know.
Posted by thai
28 Mar 2017 #9
Hello, I am wondering when you and your parent went to interview, did you bring a translator or if you served as your parents' translator? thank you so much!
Posted by sajid
28 Mar 2017 #10
Hi thai, I was the translator for my parent's application. However, they do have translators for a few languages on location.
Posted by sajid
28 Mar 2017 #11
Hi binder, I was asked for non-availability of birth certificate along with 2 affidavits and a secondary evidence for proof of birth.
Posted by thai
29 Mar 2017 #12
Thank you so much for your kind reply. So roughly how long was the interview? I guess no tricky questions since it is a parent kid relationship, not spouse relationship.

Posted by thai
29 Mar 2017 #13
how come your parents had interview in Nov, but I485 was approved in Jan 2017, was it because of the birth certificate issue? Thank you so much!
Posted by sajid
29 Mar 2017 #14
Interview was around 20 mins. No tricky questions, except for no birth certificate. After the first interview in Nov 2016, got the RFE for proof of birth, so the follow up for that delayed another 2 months.
Posted by thai
30 Mar 2017 #15
Thank you so much for your input. It helps a great deal! Thank you for your contribution to late comers!

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