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I-130 case: Approved in 234 days (225 days less than average)
United States
U.S. Citizen
15 Apr 2013
05 Dec 2013
234 days
05 Oct 2013
28 Jan 2014
Received notice 11/26/13 of case transfer from NBC Case transferred to NVC, received request for affidavit of support Jan 24, 2014

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Posted by lovex3
22 Oct 2013 #1
Hey this is a petition to shorten the processing time of I-130
Please take 5 seconds to sign and pass it along to anyone you know.
Just copy the link to the url and it should direct you to change.org

Posted by MarkJackie
23 Oct 2013 #2
Hi, I have signed this! Lets hope it helps. I just heard back from my representatives office yesterday. They called the NBC for me, and basically were told that they are a year behind- they are processing forms filed in Oct 2012. They said it would be AT LEAST another 6 months. When they asked NBC why they were so behind, they said, we are understaffed.
Of course now we don't know if our case will be transferred to another center.
How are people supposed to plan anything?! We don't know what to do. Seems hopeless!
Posted by lovex3
23 Oct 2013 #3
I honestly wouldn't rely on that Oct 2012 date that they provided. Since Oct 21st, they have been transferring files to balance the workload. With that being said, a lot of Feb files have been transferred to different places. So hopefully, you can see something in the near future as well.
Posted by lovex3
17 Nov 2013 #4
Someone has kindly created a general email (google doc) for all of us to copy and paste and send it to everyone on the email list (on pg 3 of google doc). The plan is that everyone will email/fax them THIS TUESDAY (11/19) in hopes to raise awareness of the issue of the long dreadful processing time. Please help take part in this issue and pass it along.
I truly believe if we all took part in this, we can make change!


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