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I-130 case: Approved
U.S. Citizen
03 Aug 2001
24 Jun 2005
0 days
30 Nov -0001
23 May 2007
And now the long wait for an available visa...

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Posted by Faisal
04 Apr 2007 #1
You got it pretty fast. In the uscis web site, the category "brother or sister of US citizen" applications of date "April,30,2001" is under processing currently
Posted by EboMike
04 Apr 2007 #2
I know. I'm very surprised about that myself, especially since there was an RFE. Still, given that the current backlog date is May 1996, it'll be a long time until anything happens.
Posted by apolo11
20 Apr 2007 #3
Is approval/denial date different from the "Priority date"? Which one should you follow? if my Priority date is december 97 and running priority date is may 1996, than do I have to wait till december 97 comes?
Posted by EboMike
21 May 2007 #4
Never answered your post, sorry. The Priority Date in case of an I-130 is the receipt date of the application (you'll see that on the approval notice). So if you applied in December 97 and it got approved in April 2002, your priority date is December 97. And once the running priority date (i.e. visa bulletin) hits December 97, you can file the I-485 (or whichever application is next for you).

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