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I-140 case: Approved in 687 days (-509 days more than average)
08 Jun 2007
16 Jul 2007
17 Jul 2007
18 Jul 2007
02 Jun 2009
687 days
07 May 2009
30 Nov -0001
02 Jun 2009
Soft LUD 7/27/08; Opened SR on 3/4/09; Soft LUD 3/18/09, 3/19/09; Lawyer Opened 2nd SR on 4/3/09; Lawyer opened AILA inquiry early May 2009; Soft LUD 5/7/09; Approval Notice Sent 6/2/09

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Posted by pungo
24 Feb 2009 #1
Gak bilang apa pa tuh. Cuman soft LUD doank. Elo di state mana? Gue di Connecticut.
Posted by jetsetboi
25 Feb 2009 #2
Oh okay ... Gue di Chicago, IL
Sebel abis nich kok lamaaaa banget, eh email elo apa, entar kalo sempat boleh enggak kita contact2 diskusi green card punya process, i am fairly new and inexperienced nich ama detail2-nya, baca di sini punya posting banyakkkk banget bingung LOL ... nich email gue ... [email protected]
tengkiu yach...
Posted by LostInImmi
11 Mar 2009 #3
buset jetseboi and pungo..
you guys have been in the green card process for a long time!
Terutama pungo .. dari 2004. You should share the secret of being patient, seriously.

I don't know if you already know about this, but apparently there might be ways of finding out in more detail what's going on with your case when they say LUD. Apparently you can set up a customer profile case at USCIS website.
Posted by LostInImmi
11 Mar 2009 #4
mo nanya, elo EB3, kok bisa apply I-140 concurrent sama I-485 yah? Gw kirain concurrent cuman boleh untuk EB2, EB1, Physical Therapist and nurses?
Posted by jetsetboi
12 Mar 2009 #5

Gue apply concurrent I-140 dulu mestinya in July 2007, terus tiba2 kan di July 2007 ada fiasco, so as a result itu semua category punya PD jadi currrent, yah udah terus kita filing I-485 juga waktu itu ... That's why ... There were a lot of people who took advantage of that.
Posted by LostInImmi
19 Mar 2009 #6
oh, gitu tah ..
good luck man. You're ahead than many of us then. :-)
gw baru aja kerjain I-140 premium processing. just got approved yesterday. now the waiting begins. It'll be 4-5 yrs before I can file I-1485.
Patience is virtue, they say, right?
Posted by cygent
15 May 2009 #7
All the Best jetsetboi!!
Posted by cygent
02 Jun 2009 #8
Fantastic jetsetboi!! Finally... man what a bad luck for EB3 guys... it is shameful treatment.
Posted by jetsetboi
02 Jun 2009 #9
I know.. This just happed a few minutes ago.. I can't believe it still !!!!!!!! GOD THANK YOU.
Posted by mesl
02 Jun 2009 #10
Congratulations to you!! I'll have a cup of wine on your name!!!! I am still waiting.
Posted by mkrs05
02 Jun 2009 #11
Congrats, surely a big relief for you after a long wait. I am still waiting.
Posted by exc3ll
10 Jun 2009 #12
Thanks jetsetboi!
congrats juga ya... moga2 cepat dapat gc nya.

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