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I-140 case: Approved in 131 days (46 days less than average)
07 Jan 2009
08 Jan 2009
08 Jan 2009
26 Mar 2009
Provide evidence of all educational degrees. Provide further evidence to establish the significance and scope of the beneficiary's research in the academic field while working toward his Ph.D.
20 Apr 2009
18 May 2009
131 days
19 May 2009
30 Nov -0001
24 Jun 2009
FP on Jan 30. Received EADs in mail April 2. Called USCIS regarding EADs after 76 d. Cards issued same day. RFE also same day...no UDs at all (other than RFE). AP issued March 26, 2009. Replied to RFE. sLUDs May 18 and 19. Approved May 18, LPR card receiv

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Posted by mrgood
13 Apr 2009 #1
hi njcdn,

good luck with ur 140. May I know your credentials?

Posted by gary108
27 Apr 2009 #2
After responding to RFE, has your online status changed to 'Response Recd'. ?
Posted by njcdn
27 Apr 2009 #3
Girish68, if you're referring to the USCIS case status, I have not seen it change in months. Believe that they are lagging a bit in their web updates...

For mrgood: PhD, ~10 publications, ~50 citations, 6 letters, journal reviewer, invited expert committee member, international awards...
Posted by mrgood
01 Jul 2009 #4
dear njcdn, congrats on the approval. I have a couple of questions on the RFE followup. Were there any soft luds on your case before approval since you submitted the rfe? When was the last soft lud before hard lud?
Posted by njcdn
01 Jul 2009 #5

to my recollection, I didn't really see anything until a CRIS email around 18 May (RFE submitted ~20 April). Had no updates on website after my FP until approval. Sorry I'm not of more help...have seen some wild things - had a colleague approved after ~30 d or something (had FP, then approval about a week later - no update, wasn't even in the system). Let me know if you have any more questions.

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