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I-140 case: Approved in 4 days (173 days less than average)
10 Jun 2008
02 Mar 2009
03 Mar 2009
03 Mar 2009
06 Mar 2009
4 days
30 Nov -0001
07 Mar 2009
Initially submitted in late February, but re-submitted with premium processing on the same day that the new expanded rules came into effect. Now i hope the Priority dates move just as fast - cmon Obama !! Good luck to everyone else.

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Posted by DazedNConfused
11 Mar 2009 #1
holy cow!
you got approved in 3 days? Congratulations!
I'm doing premium too, but apparently mine's lost somewhere in the regular processing pile. :-(
A rep from USCIS is trying to track it. :-(
where do you reside that yours is sent to California center because i'm in California and my application was sent to Nebraska.
Posted by DazedNConfused
11 Mar 2009 #2
btw.. you're sure what you received is an Approval and not just a receipt, right?
I just have to make sure because I mailed mine on March 2, Received Date and Notice Date March 3. And I didn't receive the Receipt in the mail until March 9.
Posted by DazedNConfused
11 Mar 2009 #3
oops.. my bad..mine was sent on March 3, Received Date March 4, Notice date March 6. I had yours in my brain. LOL
Posted by vmiki5
11 Mar 2009 #4
I know, i'm blown away too !! DnC, it was a LIN-case number, so sorry it may have been the Nebraska office and not the California. I am in California too. That sucks about the displaced file - let's hope they find it soon and make up for it by approving it instantly. Good luck.
Posted by DazedNConfused
12 Mar 2009 #5
Found out today, somehow .. the Premium processing request and the I-140 application got separated or something. Today, my lawyer received in the mail, rejection letter for the premium processing stating that the paperwork/forms needed was not included. WTH!!
We sent them the original of everything in 1 package.
So today, we're resending a copy of the files after my lawyer had talked to a rep who he's been contact with in trying to find my case. She said she's going to talk to her supervisor about the situation and see what can be done. sigh ... i'm running out of time. :-(
Posted by intheQ
17 Mar 2009 #6
Congrats Miki!!!! Unbelievable man and I am happy for you.... Great!

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