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I-140 case:
05 Dec 2008
05 Dec 2008
10 Dec 2008
02 Jun 2009
RFE asking for evidence of extraordinary achievement, how I compare to my peers, award criteria for the awards I won and how my ph.d word will benefit the country. Questioned all categories.
15 Jul 2009
06 Aug 2009
244 days
06 Aug 2009
09 Apr 2009
25 Dec 2010

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Posted by lipase
05 Aug 2009 #1
Hey hopegcgd, i am working on my RFE. Do you have cover letter of your RFE that i can take a look at?
Posted by hopegcgd
06 Aug 2009 #2
Hi lipase,
since my pepition is employer based and so they didn't give me a copy of anything. All I have is the receipt number. My apologies.
Posted by ravi75p
06 Aug 2009 #3
Hi Hopegcgd,

I have received a similar RFE like yours and am about to submit a response. Could you please list what where your response with regard to your RFE in particular how you proved extraordinary to your peers. Thanx for your response
Posted by hopegcgd
06 Aug 2009 #4
Hi Ravi,
I mentioned awards with criteria to say how competitive it was to prove how I was extraordinary compared to peers. I mentioned NASA proposals that got selected and in all how many suhc proposals were selected in all of US. Hope this helps.
Posted by rck2009
09 Aug 2009 #5
Hi Hopegcd,

I have self-filed an EB1A and RFE has been issued recently, but haven't received it yet. Previously also I had self-filed an EB1A in 2007 and got denied in 2008. I am planning to self-file an NIW too before I submit my response to this new RFE. I am willing to share some of my experience with you if that's going to help you or both of us. I had 19 publications in journals with IF varying from 8.0 (some of which were invited reviews), an editorial board member for a journal (IF 0.9), and regular reviewer for two of the best journals in my filed of expertise (IF >2.0) in 2007. I also had some smaller awards and one international fellowship back then, Diplomate of one of the professional boards, memberships in several professional societies. This time I had 26 publications (23 of which as first author), a book chapter, and total citations of about 160. I have also submitted 3 more papers after I filed my EB1A, but do not know their acceptance/rejection status yet. If you are interested you can contact me at [email protected] Thanks, Dr. Sharma
Posted by hopegcgd
09 Aug 2009 #6
Thanks a lot Dr. Sharma. I am planning on submitting a NIW application and perhaps we can collaborate. I just replied in July to a eb1A RFE challenging all categories. erhaps I can give you my input on that too. My e-mail is [email protected]
I will write you in the e-mail you provided.
Thanks so much
Posted by raaj
09 Aug 2009 #7
Hi hopegcgd,

i have replied to RFE on my EB1A application on april 15th 2009. There is no response till now and iam planning to go for PP.

tell me your thoughts and experience about this

Posted by hopegcgd
11 Aug 2009 #8
Hi raaj,
We upgraded mine to PP on July 22 and there was no update at all. All of a sudden we got the check back on 08/06 saying they couldn't tie the check to my application and in the evening my status changed to denial notice sent.
Posted by raaj
17 Aug 2009 #9
hi hopegsgd,

i have received email of denial notice for i-140, i would like to know your background and what did they say in the denial notice. The biggest problem im fighting now is that i have to wait for my visa to be issued at hyderabad. i have my application under admininstrative processing.

can you please tell me what ur reason was for i-140 denial, in the RFE they asked all the things and i replied all of them. Still they denied i also want to file MTR, do you know how soon we can file or what are the documents we need for that. Please reply to me. also your career background.


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