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I-140 case: Approved in 185 days (-7 days more than average)
28 Nov 2008
29 Nov 2008
01 Jun 2009
185 days
16 Apr 2009
01 Jun 2009
EAD and AP received. I received an Email today saying that it is approved. I think the University will receive it.

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Posted by close2gc
11 May 2009 #1
Hello, How did you get the Finger printing, EAD and AP? Is is Mandatory to get Finger Prints before EAD and AP?
Posted by biochem
12 May 2009 #2
I applied in November, received the FP notice in ~20 days. They sent it with a scheduled appointment (It was in Jan). We got it done. In 10 days we received EAD, and then AP in February.
hope this clarifies your question.
Posted by trackGCUS
02 Jun 2009 #3
Hi Biochem,

Could you please share your credentials?

Posted by biochem
02 Jun 2009 #4
1) Ph.D from India
2)Post doc from US
3) Employment from US university
4) Total 12 publications- 4 from India and 8 from US. out of 8, 4 first author publications (impact factor 4.5-9)
5) around 60 citations ( We did not use the rest that did not show my name in the references)
6) 1 young Investigator award - Got letter from the group
7) Around 6 news articles (I am in the 5th position)
8) One Journal editors pick
9) journal cover images - got letter from the Journal
10) Best poster award - nature publishing group- got letter from the group
11) 11 reco letters
12) 15 abstracts
13) One book chapter
14) I reviewed couple papers- But the lawyer said they are not useful. He also did not consider Travel awards as real awards.

Main thing is I described about each journal that cited my article and each journal that published my work.

Let me know if you need more information.

Posted by trackGCUS
02 Jun 2009 #5
Thank you very much for sharing your credentials Biochem! You have an excellent profile. I hope my petition also gets approved.

My profile is as follows:
1. PhD from US univ.
2. Employed in the R&D deptt. of a US firm.
3. 24 papers (8 Journals, 13 conf., 3 workshops) - majority of them first authored
4. around 150 citations
5. No news articles
6. Reviewer for 3-4 journals (5-6 papers) and 3-4 conferences
7. No major awards,
8. 6 Reco letters - including international

Posted by biochem
02 Jun 2009 #6
Hi trackGCUS,
Yours look excellent for an OS researcher application. I am confident that yours will get through. Good Luck.

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