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I-140 case: Pending for 4883 days (-4706 days more than average)
16 Feb 2009
17 Feb 2009
18 May 2009
evidence that you obtained the required 60 months experience in the job offered before June 18, 2008
21 May 2009
4843 days
23 Apr 2009
08 Apr 2010

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Posted by close2gc
27 Apr 2009 #1
Hello - did you get AP. EAD and Finger priting. How soon usually we get it after filling?
Posted by rptptrp
17 Feb 2010 #2

What are your credentials? I am a PT with 3 years hospital and more than 2 years private practice. My RFE is the same as yours. How is your application?


Posted by jdpbernal
08 Apr 2010 #3
hi guys! sorry for the late response.

to close2gc: If you got your I-140/I-485 approved by now, congrats bro! but if not yet, just wait and you'll eventually get it.

to rptptrp: I'm a software professional with almost 20 years experience. I just got my I-140 approval notice (via email from my attorney just today), thank God and of course thanks to the INS and my attorney!
Posted by gcpursuit
05 Sep 2010 #4
jdpbernal, congrats on your approval. Did you apply EB2 with Bachelors +5 years experience?

If so, I have somq questions for you.

1. Did your PERM ETA 9089/advertsiements say "progressive experience"
2. Also; did PERM ask for Masters OR Bachelors +5 and had the following requirement (h14): "Any suitable combination of education, training or experience is acceptable"

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