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I-140 case: Approved in 8 days (170 days less than average)
17 Oct 2008
21 May 2009
21 May 2009
21 May 2009
29 May 2009
8 days
21 May 2009
01 Jun 2009

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Posted by w8ed2long
01 Jun 2009 #1
congrats!!!!! That was really fast. Are you sure you did not use premium processing? How did you find out?
Posted by gcpc2008
01 Jun 2009 #2
It seems that Texas Center is approving the I-140 very fast nowadays. I can see lots of case approved within 10 days.
Nope it was a regular filling. It was not even electronic filling.
You can check the status of your case on USCIS website if you have the receipt number for your I-140 application.
But, now i need to wait for the last step as the dates are not current for me.
Posted by supersonic528
01 Jun 2009 #3
Hi, congratulations on your fast approval. Mine was also filed on the same date at TSC (05/21). Your entry shows filed date, received date and USCIS notice date all as 05/21. Is that right? Doesn't it take some time for USCIS to receive it and then send the notice? My attorney told me that it takes 2 to 4 weeks just to get the receipt notice from USCIS, and that we can know the receipt number only from that notice (this receipt number will be used to check status online, correct?). So I'm wondering how you and other people are getting to know about the I-140 approval so fast, when just to receive the notice, it will take at least 2 weeks? Am I missing something?

Good luck for the next stage.
Posted by gcpc2008
02 Jun 2009 #4
Yes the Notice Date all as 05/21 as per USCIS website. It took one week to get the hardcopy of Receipt Notice but when i checked the status online
with the Receipt Number it was approved on the same day i received the Receipt Number from my lawyer. Yes i can lots of cases approved withing 8 or 9 days only.

Best of luck for your case.
Posted by gcpc2008
05 Jun 2009 #5
After one week we have received the official approval notice (I-140) from USCIS.

Best of luck everyone !! Hope to see you all in I-485 filling :-)
Posted by hemup
08 Jun 2009 #6
Mine was also applied on 5/21 and when i asked my lawyer today if he had received any receipt number he said he had not received yet. Hope Mine gets approved soon too. Congratulations anyway

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