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I-140 case: Approved in 24 days (154 days less than average)
10 Sep 2010
06 Sep 2010
10 Sep 2010
29 Sep 2010
30 Sep 2010
24 days
13 Dec 2010
13 Dec 2010

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Posted by anngan
13 Dec 2010 #1
can you please post your credentials
Posted by hopegcgd
13 Dec 2010 #2
Ph.d from top 5 engineering school. working in industry - research group
Won national award in teaching plus over 7 at university (not sure if that counted for anything).
40+ publications (10 journal), 5 patents. For some editorial board included Nobel laureates. Got statements from experts regarding impact/significance of work. Included them along with recos.
Worked at NASA before and got letters from them. Also got letters from NAE faculty. Not more than 2 recos per university/institution - total 8.
Since my EB1A I-140 was denied and so learnt my lesson well. I went through my previous denial notice. Spent a year - preparing a good application and filed in EB1B.

Posted by hopegcgd
13 Dec 2010 #3
Also claimed the usual 3 categories. Made sure at least 2 letters are international. One letter from editor in chief of top journal in the field for which I served as reviewer. Invited by NASA scientist to collaborate- used that also in one of the categories.
Posted by anngan
14 Dec 2010 #4
thanks for posting...u have a great credentials
I didnt get you from "For some editorial board included Nobel laureates."

Posted by hopegcgd
14 Dec 2010 #5
Thanks anngan. They are ok credentials. At least second time I got a kind officer who approved it :) thank god. As of the reference to Nobel laureates- one of the journals I published in mentioned 2 nobel laureates in the editorial board in the issue I published in. Not sure it they were invited for that special issue. That journal is like "nature" in my field. so I printed that page along with the page where my paper appeared. Thats what I meant. Also- in some of the conferences/publications I produced evidence as to "who else" published to establish the reputation of that publication. For example- if next to your presentation slot, if the next person is from Army, NASA, etc. Same for "being invited to judge the work of others" - if you were listed on the website as one of the reviwers - and a scientists from NASA also is then that adds value. Hope this helps others who are in the process of gathering evidence.
Posted by hopegcgd
14 Dec 2010 #6
Also, my I-485 is approved but did not receive any welcome letter or CPO e-mail. They simply re-opened my old (denied) case and approved it but no other communication. Any insight into what I should do other than waiting :) - please let me know
Posted by rathi142
12 Mar 2011 #7
I am filing my EB1-OR petition through my employer. I have the freedom of selecting a lawyer.
I was wondering if you can please share your lawyer’s name and your overall experience dealing with him/her. My email: [email protected]
I really appreciate your help.

C. Patel

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