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I-140 case: Approved in 8 days (169 days less than average)
Sri Lanka
22 Nov 2010
07 Mar 2011
09 Mar 2011
09 Mar 2011
15 Mar 2011
8 days
18 Mar 2011
26 Jan 2011
19 Mar 2011
Initially filed on 02/08/11 but Upgraded to PP on 03/03/11. Updated the case status to reflect the PP dates. Online case updated directly to post decission on 03/18/11

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Posted by CaliGC
07 Feb 2011 #1

How long did it take from the time the DOL sent the email that your PERM was approved until you received the approved paper doc of the PERM?
It will be 2 weeks for me tomorrow. I am wondering if this is normal.

All the best!!

Posted by rubu
07 Feb 2011 #2
Good to see a Sri Lankan. I got informed only when the lawyer had the document in hand because she mailed me the doc next day after informing me that it got approved. I am not sure if it is normal to take 2 weeks. Check with your lawyer again to check.
Posted by CaliGC
07 Feb 2011 #3
Yup, always good to see a fellow Sri Lankan here!!
Thanks for the quick reply. Looks like I have to wait!!

All the best!!
Posted by kamien77
08 Feb 2011 #4
Rubu, whats up man, I thought you submitted 140 early Jan?
Posted by rubu
08 Feb 2011 #5
early Jan? eh? Nothing much hoping things well get done soon. I have already rejected 2 promotions because of this GC stuff. Annoying.

No remember when yours were filed in Jan I mentioned mine is like 1 week away :) it took 2 weeks after yours. Here is the comment I mentioned that....
Posted by kamien77
10 Feb 2011 #6
lol i guess i had it wrong :P
Posted by kamien77
12 Feb 2011 #7
Hey man. How do I know what my priority date is?
Posted by rubu
12 Feb 2011 #8
LOL....it says in your tracker :D.......PERM Filed (Priority Date)....So it is the PERM Filed date.
Posted by meritsh
03 Mar 2011 #9
Yeah u converted to PP? Is everything alright?
Posted by rubu
05 Mar 2011 #10
Yeah everything is OK....just that I feel TCS is taking long time these days and given the market is shaky did not want to take a risk. Thats all.
Posted by sadindian
05 Mar 2011 #11
Its taking long time these days for USCIS to update your case PP status on their website.....
Posted by meritsh
19 Mar 2011 #12
Congratulations Rubu.. njoy... :)
Posted by kamien77
19 Mar 2011 #13
Congrats Rubu!
Posted by CaliGC
19 Mar 2011 #14
Congrats! Happy for you man! Nice to know a fellow Sri Lankam get the GC!
Posted by rubu
20 Mar 2011 #15
Thanks meritsh, kamien77 & CaliGC...Not done yet......keeping fingers crossed......:D
Posted by larla
28 Mar 2013 #16
Rubu I need to consult a good lawyer for my case any suggestions?

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