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I-140 case: Approved in 11 days (167 days less than average)
12 Feb 2011
14 Feb 2011
23 Feb 2011
11 days
22 Feb 2011
28 Feb 2011

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Posted by saindjha
10 Mar 2011 #1
Hi, Can you please share your credentials and current status (postdoc/faculty/job) etc. Thanks!
Posted by eb1aa
10 Mar 2011 #2
Hey, I am a post doc. Credentials - 6 papers (5 first author and 1 2nd author) in journals with impact factor ranging from 3-42, about 180 citations, 5 news reports and 6 good recommendation letters (3 national and 3 international) - one from a npbel prize winner.
Posted by saindjha
10 Mar 2011 #3
Great, I am more or less in the same boat, postdoc in physics with 7 papers. Except not as many citations ~70 :( and I am planning to use the "judge others work" category rather than the "news report" category. I will also getting a letter from one of those nobel prize guys :)

Can you share your lawyers info, if it is ok (I can send you my email if you do want to post it on the forum, though it might be more publicity for your lawyer :)? Basically, the immigration person helping us put together application recently had 3 applications rejected (which has not happened to her in years.) She thinks it is due to the recent changes in USCIS implementation of criteria since this Dec/Jan. Yours is the first successful case that I know in this calendar year. Any help would be extremely helpful. Thanks!
Posted by eb1aa
11 Mar 2011 #4
I self filed. As mentioned in other posts, it all depends on how you prepare the case and also the IO.
Posted by saindjha
11 Mar 2011 #5
I am also self filing, but getting some advice from the international immigration office here at the Univ. thanks again for replying. If you have any particular tips you think were the "most critical" for preparing the application, it would be great. Congratulations!
Posted by Indycolts
12 Mar 2011 #6
Wow! Approved in 11 days? I should have gone for premium as well. I have 31 papers (conferences and others excluded), with more than 200 citations for a paper. I sent 8 recommendation letters with an additional 2 from an independent reviewers. My company sponsored me. I filed on the 7th Feb. and am just counting. Thanks guys for your posts. I am confident. Of course, you never know with USICS.

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